Canstar Blue Reviews And Awards The Best Hearing Aids

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Canstar Blue Review: Are these the Best hearing aids in Australia?

There is a number of reasons why the Canstar Blue review of hearing aids is a refreshing change in the Australian hearing aid industry. Canstar Blue awarded Signia the winner of Customer Satisfaction. Signia formally Seimens hearing aids took out the winning place by successfully achieving the most stars in all categories to be the best hearing aids according to Canstars research. To successfully achieve this result Signia needed to outperform industry rivals in the following categories.

  1. Overall Satisfaction
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Comfort and Fit
  4. Appearance and Style
  5. Value for Money
  6. Ease of Use

Following the success of Signia to gain the top spot, many EarDeals clients have questioned the relevancy of the Canstar Blue report to their personal purchase decision. At EarDeals we believe the Canstar Blue award has simply provided an unbiased measuring stick to a market where hearing aid brands are relatively unknown, and in many cases, the consumer is in the dark. We often are asked what the best hearing aids are; probably because not many brands are recognised in the market or are not household names. So how did Canstar determine the best hearing aids?

Canstar review is a great first step

For many people hearing aid brands and the hearing aids they make are not know. Canstar Blue has provided a way for people to learn and make the most informed decisions about their hearing healthcare from the experiences of hundreds of other Australian customer reviews.

100% Independent and customer focused

The ABC late in 2017 estimated that 75%+ of the hearing aid industry in Australia was governed by manufacturer owned hearing clinics from overseas. 

As these clinics began to dominate the hearing aid landscape in Australia during early 2000’s, choosing the right hearing aid became more difficult, especially when these clinics only supplied their own brands with no comparison of others on the market to trial or test.  The Canstar Blue review has reversed this outcome and provided one of the largest independent, comprehensive analyses to date of the Australian hearing aid industry.

Canstar is a major independent Australian review organisation for Australian consumers

Unlike many online reviews of hearing aids,  Canstar Blue is 100% independent of the hearing aid manufacturers and the hearing industry. This independence provides consumers with a peace of mind and a very fresh and unbiased review to consider. Furthermore, no favour is allocated to one brand over another. Simply put – may the best hearing aid brand win!

Clarity in a market that is dominated by all the same noise 

The hearing aid market in Australia is arguably one of the most complex and competitive in nature when compared to devices that carry the same influential benefits for health and well being. The Canstar Blue report has simply cut through this noise and provided a clear and concise analysis of an industry that has little to no regulator or measuring stick. So when determining what is the best hearing aid on the market or the best hearing aid manufacturers, we finally have an independent report. When it comes to the fitting of hearing aids many audiologists will argue what they believe the best hearing aid is. Unfortunately, due to a large number of manufacturer owned clinics in Australia, the reality is that few audiologists fit a large number of brands and as such determining the best hearing aid on the market from a professional standpoint becomes difficult. Canstar has thus provided in turn a fresh consumer perspective. This has been achieved by surveying a large number of hearing aid wearers across a number of categories effectively asking them what they believe the best hearing aid on the market is or what the best hearing aid features are in their opinions.

Reviews build a more client-centric industry

It’s simple, Canstar Blue has placed a spotlight on the Australian hearing industry, and as a result, started a movement that will refocus the fitting of hearing aids on the wearers needs rather than focusing on company profits.
These reviews will hopefully continue and add many more manufacturers into the review mix increasing the competition, ultimately determining the best hearing aids available through mass analysis and review.

EarDeals stock the Canstar Blue most awarded hearing aid brand?

Yes – You can trial the Signia hearing aids free for 60 days!

Like any product or service that has a significant influence on your life, be it financial or health-related, it’s always best to thoroughly review and test before you purchase. A hearing aid should be no different. Call EarDeals today on 02 9133 7899 to organise a free 60-day free trial or view products online Click Here.

Disclaimer: It’s important to know that the best hearing aids on the market as determined by Canstar may reflect the opinions of many people. However, not all hearing losses are the same and this report is a reflection of the majority surveyed. We recommend a comprehensive hearing test and analysis of your hearing loss first prior to starting your hearing aid journey and trial. You should always consider your own circumstances first to determine what the best hearing aid is for your hearing loss and lifestyle. EarDeals supports free trials to assist you with your decision-making process and we believe this is the most transparent factors required for you to determine the best hearing aids for your needs.

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