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Buying hearing aids guide: For family &  friends

Hearing aid buying guide

So you have been tasked with purchasing hearing aids for a friend or family member? You’re not alone, every year at EarDeals we meet family members, friends and loved ones who are seeking to assist someone with a hearing loss in one way or another.

Understanding the hearing aid industry in Australia

So why is EarDeals a great option for you as a carer or support person for someone with hearing loss? Below are the main reasons according to our 2017 clinical survey of why carers love the service and support of the EarDeals clinic and our friendly hearing specialists.

Glossary: Hearing aid buying guide

The below points are explained in greater detail:

  1. Hearing aid choices: Many hearing aid brands and features
  2. Hearing aid prices: 10% Price beat guarantee and free hearing aid trials
  3. Purchasing batteries for hearing aids
  4. Financial assistance for hearing aid purchases
  5. Location of the EarDeals clinic
  6. Hearing aid telecare & full remote adjustments
  7. Hearing aid appointment availability
  8. We are who we say we are!
  9. Free hearing test and hearing aid fittings
  10. Purpose-built soundproof hearing clinics and high-end facilities
  11. We don’t pay commisions or incentives for hearing aid sales
  12. Hearing aid service and help
  13. The EarDeals ethical stance on hearing aid support

1. Hearing aid choices: Many hearing aid brands and features

When you visit EarDeals it will become very apparent that we are a provider of hearing aids from many brands. In fact, we are always researching and trialling products from different hearing aid manufacturers to ensure we are stocking the best hearing aids available on the market at the time. As we are independent of hearing aid manufactures, unlike approximately 85-90% of our industry, we can provide options beyond one or two brands. We are also not governed by the products we are allowed to sell. So as a hearing aid carer when you visit EarDeals there will be an unbiased solution that is an appropriate option for the hearing loss if amplification is a solution. Should amplification via a hearing aid not be necessary or questioned, the EarDeals clinician will refer you to your medical professional. Additionally, EarDeals does not pay commissions or incentives to our hearing specialist from the sale of a hearing aid, unlike many others in our industry. As a result, when you are working with our hearing specialist to find the best solution for the hearing loss, lifestyle and personal preference, there will be no favouritism towards a particular brand or hearing aid or specific device.

discount hearing aids

2. Hearing aid prices – 10% Price beat guarantee and free hearing aid trials!

EarDeals is a discount provider of hearing aids with a high focus on technology to reduce our prices for our clients. We provide the lowest prices guaranteed or we will beat any Australian competitors price by 10%. You will always know that when you visit EarDeals you are receiving a global leading manufacture at the most competitive price. We find this is particularly comforting for those who are purchasing on behalf of a loved one, family member or friend. This is particularly obvious when the carer is not sure at the point of booking an appointment what the outcome of the hearing test will be for their significant other. On the day of the fitting, some carers like to test the hearing aids of their friend or family member for an hour or two after the appointment by visiting one of the many coffee shops in the area or by having light shop in many of the retail outlets before returning for a shorter appointment to make some slight adjustments.

online hearing aid battery prices

3. Purchasing batteries for hearing aids

Aside from purchasing Australia’s cheapest hearing aid batteries through the EarDeals website and having the batteries delivered with free postage to your friend, family member or partner across Australia. EarDeals offers rechargeable hearing aids in many brands.

Whilst rechargeable hearing aids are more expensive than battery-powered hearing aids, the saving of time and financially longer term is very appealing for many carers. The need to continually order new batteries online is removed as rechargeable hearing aids are simply placed in their charging dock overnight. Rechargeable hearing aids are an excellent option for those who travel a lot or may have dexterity issues when replacing batteries.

Finance for hearing aids

4. Financial assistance for hearing aid purchases

EarDeals offers through a third party provider very competitive rates for hearing aid finance. The financing of hearing aids may either be in part payment or in full. For those seeking to purchase on behalf of another person, this option is also available. Ask in the clinic for more information and our finance brochures. Terms and conditions apply.



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5. Location of the EarDeals clinic

The EarDeals clinic is found in one of Sydney’s most central locations. With easy access to Town Hall Station, ferries, taxi ranks and car drop off points. Additionally, the clinic will have access via the Sydney Light Rail, with a stop located within meters of the clinic front door. The clinic is located at level 3, 478 George Street Sydney next to the Hilton Hotel.

For carers, this provides the option of easily travel or simply driving those who are otherwise unable to a drop-off and pick up point. With such a proximity to Town Hall Station EarDeals offers carers the ability to travel alongside their loved ones to the clinic for an appointment and then quickly navigate them to the clinic door with ease. At EarDeals we find carers in some cases only attend for the first few appointments until they are comfortable with the process of testing and fitting the hearing aid. Often they opt to shop or visit one of the many local coffee shops following the appointment.

Tele care hearing aids

6. Hearing aid telecare & full remote adjustments

EarDeals offers clients the ability to have their hearing aids remotely adjusted from the comfort of their own home or office. Available in the Signia / Siemens brand of hearing aids, for specific hearing devices, this option is perfect for those with mobility issues, living remotely or merely prefer to be in the comfort of their own home instead of having to travel to the clinic. EarDeals has fitted may interstate clients who have their adjustments remotely conducted from home. This is because many clients choose to go to EarDeals and catch the direct train to our clinic door from the airport. Yes that right, for many people our prices are so low it’s worth the flight time to save sometimes $1000’s on our hearing aid prices. The most common places for people to travel from include the Northern Territory, Western Queensland and Canberra.

For carers, telecare provides a more flexible option to assist family or friends when the carer is time poor. Call 02 9133 7899 to find out more or ask in clinic today.

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7. Hearing aid appointment availability

Unlike many clinics around Australia who boast large clinic networks and visiting sites that are partly or periodically managed, the EarDeals clinic is open five days a week and on weekends by appointment only. Weekend availability does vary. Please contact the clinic on 02 9133 7899 to express your interest in an appointment.

> We also have online free hearing test bookings: Click Here

Government accreditation

8. We are who we say we are!

There are many websites out there claiming to be large clinic networks that are in fact farming your enquiries to third party hearing aid retailers for a clip of your hearing aid sale. Variations of these types of websites may even have an audiologist who works for the website company as a means of showing credibility. Some of these websites are marketing companies from overseas, and others are simply collecting your data to sell on popular news outlets.

As you can imagine if they don’t own their clinics or refer you to another provider, they have little to no control over your clinical outcome. Furthermore what is seen and read on their websites may actually change in the clinic as the place you visit is not managed by the same operators.
It may even come as a surprise to you that some of these websites are owned by hearing aid manufactures seeking to push your enquiry to their clinics under a different business name.

This means of clever marketing provides them with little risk for their service and your outcome long term. Websites of this nature charge hefty fees for your contact details that they hope ends in a hearing aid sale. These are commissioned leads. At EarDeals we know a lot about such services as we have refused them regularly from a range of different business types aiming to look like the authority in hearing aids. If it seems too good to be right, then it probably is! EarDeals recommends you research your potential hearing aid provider thoroughly before making an appointment to ensure they meet your requirements.

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9. Free hearing test and hearing aid fittings

At EarDeals we offer free hearing aid trails; free hearing aid fittings and free comprehensive hearing tests. The process provides you as the carer with the comfort that the outcome will not financially burden you should the hearing aid trial not meet your expectations in helping your friend, family member or loved one.



Sound proof hearing clinics

10. Purpose-built soundproof hearing clinics and high-end facilities

EarDeals offers a testing environment that is calibrated to strict third-party industry standards. Our clinic is not a visiting site that is just like any other standard office room. We offer state of the art testing equipment under calibrated noise proof standards, to ensure your test is as accurate as possible. The EarDeals clinic is a relaxed environment where you can browse the different hearing aid types and styles at your leisure. This helps you as the carer to assist your significant other in determining which hearing aid is right for their lifestyle, hearing loss and personal preferences, all with the assistance of the EarDeals hearing specialist.

Additionally, EarDeals is 100% independent of hearing aid manufactures, so you will not feel pressured to purchase one brand over another. You will be provided with choices in multiple brands as we stock numerous hearing aid manufactures!

11. We don’t pay commisions or incentives for hearing aid sales!

Finally, our clinicians are not paid commissions or incentives on the sale of hearing aids. This is contrary to many other hearing aid providers around Australia. You or your friend or family member will at no point feel pressured to purchase a hearing aid.



Hearing aid help

12. Hearing aid service and help

EarDeals is first and foremost a hearing services business. We pride ourselves on a high quality and personalised approach to each client’s needs and ambitions to hear better. That’s why we provide unlimited appointments for the first 60 days to ensure that the transition and use of the new hearing aids is one that is supported by every aspect both clinically and socially.

EarDeals always recommends a free hearing aid trial as a means of a smoother transition and adoption of new hearing aids for the wearer. This provides the wearer with a real-world example of the benefits of the new hearing devices.

Our clinicians are trained to listen and understand our clients rather than direct and recommend a hearing aid first. Unfortunately, this practice of sales is common in Australia, where clients are only offering one or two brands of hearing aids and have no choice but to be fitted to one particular device.

accredited service provider

13. The EarDeals ethical stance on hearing aid support

Our approach to servicing our clients is simple. Treat and understand our clients as we would like to be treated. EarDeals staff are regularly tested by the EarDeals management team, via means of our own “silent salespeople”, Thes people are not known to the clinician. By examining our staff systematically, we seek to improve our approach to quality hearing healthcare continually. This ensures that our clinicians meet the expectations of our clients and our service offering is without par in the Australian hearing health industry.

At EarDeals we love what we do, and we love the difference we make in improving the lives of those living with hearing loss. We would feel privileged to start you or a loved one on a new hearing journey.

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