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Buying hearing aids online – What you need to know!

If you buy hearing aids online from EarDeals you could save $1000’s!

Buy hearing aids online: There is a lot of hearing aid retailers in Australia which try to discredit online hearing aid sales through a number of scare tactics that stop you from buying hearing aids online. When the reality is at EarDeals we aim to show transparency in hearing aid prices, hearing aid product features and how hearing aids from competing brands compare against each other online. The purchase is still made in the clinic after a free 60-day trial or sooner if you prefer.

This is contrary to the large majority of retailers in the Australian hearing aid industry, which often suggest one brand or one device, instead of providing a choice of many brands. Furthermore, this limited choice often results in upsell marketing tactics, where one brand is offered in two technology levels on the same hearing aid. So it’s very important to clarify at this point in time that the big six hearing aid manufacturers have a solution for each hearing loss type. Furthermore, the big six manufacturers all have an option in Bluetooth hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids and of course small hearing aid options. Prices, sound and features all differ between hearing aid brands. Purchasing a hearing aid is just like searching for a new car. They all have wheels, they all have seats, however, the seats may differ in material type and feel. The look of the wheels may differ in performance not just how they look. It’s up to you to decide what feels right for you. Our hearing specialist is there to assist you to make an informed decision across multiple brands, not just one! That’s why at EarDeals we stock a variety of brands and offer 60 day free trials, so you can hear the difference between brands, at your own pace, without risk and with your own judgment. Our website is designed to inform you as much a possible on our hearing aids prior to making the next step, which is booking a free comprehensive hearing test.

It is well known in our industry that six hearing aid manufactures globally govern 85% – 95% market share. These manufacturers have one primary motive when it comes to the fitting of their product and that is their brand image. As such they stipulate strong rules which determine the distribution process of their products to ensure that the fitting of their hearing aids is correct. The most notable is a face-to-face consultation at least once with a client to ensure their hearing aid is fitted correctly and does not harm the wearer in any way. In fact, the big six hearing aid manufacturers go to such lengths as providing our EarDeals hearing specialists with training on their products as often as possible. This support is increased when new products are launched. So as you can see, EarDeals simply offers transparency in our prices online and provides our potential clients with as much information about our hearing aids as possible. This ensures that our clients make the most informed decision with the help of our hearing specialists. At EarDeals we support the process further through the means of a free 60 day trial across multiple brands and device types.

Buying hearing aids online – Why all the negativity?

Well, there are some companies outside of Australia who sell hearing aids online. The risks of purchasing these products can vary and one of Australia’s most reputable industry affiliates, Audiology Australia, strongly discourages this type of transaction for a number of reasons. Additionally, not all hearing aid markets are the same globally. Standards differ just like healthcare systems. Many consumers don’t realise that a lot of influence and noise in our industry is generated in the worlds biggest market the United States of America (USA). The USA market has recently changed, whereby the current administration has granted the sale of over the counter entry-level hearing aids. This is contrary to the Australian hearing industry where our industry bodies, government and varying stakeholders have not found this process as viable with our current healthcare system. The below points outline where the risks of buying hearing aids online may be found. Should you have a specific question regarding this topic we will happily answer any questions in greater detail.

Risks of buying hearing aids online

  • A hearing aid fitting and adjustment is a critical process to ensure your brain re-conditions to the selective listening skills which are newly presented
  • Hearing loss may occur for a variety of reasons and an assessment in a clinic will aim to identify a medically treatable hearing loss
  • The hearing aid industry is often confusing to most consumers who have little to no hearing aid brand awareness. As a result, an inappropriate hearing aid choice for an individuals physiology and their capabilities for hearing may result
  • Inadequate correction of the hearing loss
  • A noise injury may result from a high increase in sound levels
  • Hearing aid features for the individual needs may not be activated or known
  • A purchase of a fake cheaply made or Australian non-approved hearing aid
  • No onsite clinical support services such as hearing aid adjustments or monitoring of hearing loss as part of the sale
  • Potential to be ripped off by scams or devices that are sold as competitive with global leaders that are simply cheap “knockoffs”
  • Potential to purchase an old technology or a hearing aid that is not capable of being adjusted in Australia by a clinician

Advantages of buying hearing aids online through EarDeals

  • Australia’s cheapest prices on big brand hearing aids
  • No middleman online hearing aid retailers who farm out your enquiry
  • No middleman website commisions and mark ups
  • Speak with your clinician directly over the phone
  • Ability to compare and see all features and prices
  • Quality service guaranteed by the company who will service you not a third party lead generator
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