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The most fitted and most popular hearing aids on the Australian market

About Unitron

Unitron is a global brand built on strong, personal relationships. Unitron worsk closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. Unitorns hearing devices are beautifully designed, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly comfortable to wear. Unitrons design ethos is aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality

Unitrons state of the art platform – Tempus is proof their passion for bringing technologies to those with a hearing loss. Aiding in overcoming your biggest complaint – difficulty in conversations partially in noise and crowds.

Unitrons Soundcore understands listening environments making constant adjustments so hearing devices wearers can actively join in every conversation every time.

Moxi Fit R

Unitron is delighted to introduce the Moxi Fit R  – the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument.  As today, 70% of hearing device wearers prefer rechargeable hearing instruments, Unitron’s Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument which combines state of the art technology with award winning design.

The Moxi Fit R

  • Provides more than 24 hours of use
  • 90 minutes of streaming.
  • Zinc air batteries
  • Push button telecoil

For the environmentally conscious, the rechargeable solution dispenses with using up to 100 regular batteries.

EarDeals is delighted to be an Independent stockist of Unitron hearing devices. EarDeals is committed to dispensing hearing devices of the highest calibre. Your EarDeals clinician is committed to understanding and assisting those effected with hearing loss. Book a time to visit your EarDeals clinic, have your hearing needs assessed and to discuss Unitron hearing devices.


Signia believe that the wearer of a hearing device should experience sounds as natural as possible. Signia is constantly improving and developing its hearing device technology to give its wearers the best hearing experience available.

As conducting a simple conversation can be a challenge for those with a hearing loss and can prove very exhausting. Signia have made outstanding breakthroughs with its micon™ and binax™ platforms. Assisting its wearers in even the most difficult situations.

Signia Wins Canstar Blue Award | Overview

When it comes to purchasing hearing aids for yourself or a loved one, EarDeals understands that not every hearing aid brand is known. Then add multiple hearing aid types, styles, technology levels and provider credibility and the task becomes rather daunting.

Well, one independent consumer rating organisation has broken the Australian hearing industry mould. Canstar Blue has for the first time leveraged its ability to gain better insights into the Australian hearing aid industry. The aim, assisting consumers to make the most informed purchase decisions when deciding on a new hearing aid.

Most Satisfied Customers | Siemens-Signia

In 2018 Canstar Blue reviewed a multiple of hearing aid brands that currently exist on the Australian market. EarDeals stocks some of these brands so naturally when Signia won the 2018 Canstar Blue award for Customer Satisfaction, we were equally excited as were many of our clients. Since the Canstar Blue win by Signia, EarDeals has received a large number of calls regarding the Signia brand, signalling clear demand for a quality hearing aid brand.  

The Report Overview:

  • Canstar Blue sort the opinions of hundreds of Australian hearing aid wearers.
  • Siemens-Signia scored five stars across all research categories, sharing the top spot in only two areas with Oticon hearing aids.
  • Oticon joined Signia in scoring top marks on appearance & style and comfort & fit but had to settle for four stars in all other areas.
  • ReSound finished with three stars for overall satisfaction, but earned creditable four stars across all other research categories.

Signia Awarded 5 stars across all hearing aid categories:

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Effectiveness
  • Comfort and Fit
  • Appearance and Style
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Use

Canstar full report: Click Here


Primax takes the next step, created to deliver easy natural listening resulting in clinically proven effortless hearing. Signia offers its wearers the most advanced audiology utilising its Primax Platform achieving the highest level of precision for an effortless hearing experience. Signias High Definition binaural technology results in industry-leading audiological features.

Primax’s SpeechMaster will source out the out dominant speaker in conversations and reduces unwanted background noise whilst highlighting the main speakers voice. Speech master will result in an outstanding sound quality for effortless ease of hearing all day.

The Signia myHearing App

Signia hearing device wearers can now experience more than the best hearing aid technology. Support now can also be achieved through award winning myHearing App. Navigate the use of myHearing App with total ease. MyHearing App provides you with all the tools you will ever need through your hearing device trial, tracking your personal journey to achieve the best hearing outcome.

EarDeals is delighted to be an Independent stockist of Signia hearing devices. EarDeals is committed to dispensing hearing devices of the highest calibre. Your Ear Deals clinician is committed to understanding and assisting those effected with hearing loss. Book a time to visit your Ear Deals clinic, have your hearing needs assessed and to discuss Signia hearing devices.

Signia have built on this with an unprecedented level of highly accurate remote clinical adjustments across its entire portfolio with Signia Telecare 2.0


Founded in Zurich Switzerland in 1947. For more than 70 years Phonak have pioneered, developed and lead the pack producing state of the art hearing solutions. Phonaks key focus is creating new platforms which enable the hearing-impaired freedom to move and go where ever they please without any hearing concerns.

Phonaks latest program AutoSense OS is created with the everyday listening situations of the device wearer at the front of mind. It effortlessly adapts to sounds no matter where you are.

AutoSense OS analyses every 0.4 seconds and continually adapts to your surroundings, it adjusts your hearing aid constantly whether you be at work, a noisy bar, driving your vehicle at a concert or place of worship. AutoSense OS calls on its many features and mixes them to potentially serve more than 200 possible settings blending with your individual sound environment.

Phonak are also excited to be the first in world to produce a hearing device which contains a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, enabling the hearing device wearer to continually be kept in touch for 24 hours. Phonak rechargeable hearing devices charge faster and longer than any other rechargeable hearing device available.

Ear Deals is delighted to be an Independent stockist of Phonak hearing devices. Ear Deals is committed to dispensing hearing devices of the highest calibre. Your Ear Deals clinician is committed to understanding and assisting those effected with hearing loss. Book a time to visit your Ear Deals clinic, have your hearing needs assessed and to discuss Phonak hearing devices.

About Hansaton

Hansaton is a German-based organisation founded in 1957. The company was purchased by the hearing aid manufacturing giant Sonova and has been part of the Sonova group of companies since 2015. The Hansaton brand is available in more than 70 countries globally and aims to be the leading manufacturer of both quality ergonomic hearing aid design as well as an innovation and thought leader in new hearing aid technologies. Hansaton Australia is based in Sydney and supports many independent hearing clinics of which EarDeals is one.

EarDeals stocks the Hansaton receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aid range. These products include:

  • SHD S13 Stream (Rechargeable)
  • Aq Sound SHD S (Bluetooth)
  • Sound SHD 312
  • Sound SHD 10

Hansaton has a range of technologies available in each hearing aid type; listed above. These hearing aid technology levels ultimately determine the performance of the hearing aid and the hearing aid price. Please be advised that not all hearing aid technology levels are available for each product. When determining if a technology level is available for a particular hearing aid (listed above), please search within the EarDeals website for more details.

The Hansaton hearing aid technology levels are:

  • 3 – Economy
  • 5 – Comfort
  • 7 – Business
  • 9 – First

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