About Signia

Signia hearing device wearers can now experience more than the best hearing aid technology. Support now can also be achieved through award winning myHearing App. Navigate the use of myHearing App with total ease. MyHearing App provides you with all the tools you will ever need through your hearing device trial, tracking your personal journey to achieve the best hearing outcome.

EarDeals is delighted to be an Independent stockist of Signia hearing devices. EarDeals is committed to dispensing hearing devices of the highest calibre. Your Ear Deals clinician is committed to understanding and assisting those effected with hearing loss. Book a time to visit your Ear Deals clinic, have your hearing needs assessed and to discuss Signia hearing devices.

Signia have built on this with an unprecedented level of highly accurate remote clinical adjustments across its entire portfolio with Signia Telecare 2.0

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