About Phonak

Founded in Zurich Switzerland in 1947. For more than 70 years Phonak have pioneered, developed and lead the pack producing state of the art hearing solutions. Phonaks key focus is creating new platforms which enable the hearing-impaired freedom to move and go where ever they please without any hearing concerns.

Phonaks latest program AutoSense OS is created with the everyday listening situations of the device wearer at the front of mind. It effortlessly adapts to sounds no matter where you are.

AutoSense OS analyses every 0.4 seconds and continually adapts to your surroundings, it adjusts your hearing aid constantly whether you be at work, a noisy bar, driving your vehicle at a concert or place of worship. AutoSense OS calls on its many features and mixes them to potentially serve more than 200 possible settings blending with your individual sound environment.

Phonak are also excited to be the first in world to produce a hearing device which contains a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, enabling the hearing device wearer to continually be kept in touch for 24 hours. Phonak rechargeable hearing devices charge faster and longer than any other rechargeable hearing device available.

Ear Deals is delighted to be an Independent stockist of Phonak hearing devices. Ear Deals is committed to dispensing hearing devices of the highest calibre. Your Ear Deals clinician is committed to understanding and assisting those effected with hearing loss. Book a time to visit your Ear Deals clinic, have your hearing needs assessed and to discuss Phonak hearing devices.

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