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So you have a quote from another provider on your hearing aids, however you think the price may be too high?

At EarDeals we offer a second opinion at no extra charge and a price beat guarantee on your hearing aid quotes of 10%! We will even price beat products from manufacturers we don’t stock and then match you with the same level of technology and features. This process is then supported by our state of the art clinics and staff. For a full understanding of our hearing services from our hearing specialists click here to visit the services page for more information on our cheap hearing aids.

To place your mind at greater ease, we stock the most popular and fitted hearing aids in Australia! Many large discount retailers claim to have the lowest prices however they don’t advertise them… At EarDeals all our prices are available online and easy to find, match and compare!

Simply fill in the details below and upload your quote for the EarDeals team to beat your quote and start you on your journey through our clinics! Please note that EarDeals only offers this service for Australian retailers and reserves the right to determine if a product is comparable between brands of hearing aid manufacturers.

Please note that our free hearing aid quote emails may get stuck in your junk folder or spam folder of your email when we send them back to you. All free hearing aid quotes are sent to you within 24 hours. By providing your phone number it gives us the ability to call you to ensure the quote has been received. Should you wish to contact EarDeals directly for a hearing aid quote please do so at the following email: au or phone:  1300 010 064 – thank you!

Disclaimer: EarDeals has the discretion to not award a price beat guarantee. This is due to the number of non-compliant retailers in the Australian market.


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