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Pricing Policy: Hearing Aids

The EarDeals pricing policy is simple, and we are 100% committed to it!

As such we conduct regular checks of competitor prices and, whenever we find a price that is lower than ours, we drop the price further so that EarDeals hearing aids remain the lowest priced hearing aids in Australia.

Sometimes our competitor’s prices may be found cheaper, with over 80+ hearing aids on our pages and counting, keeping up with their price changes can be a struggle. That’s why if you find a competitor’s lower price on the same stocked item in Australia, we’ll beat it by 10%! Don’t forget our prices include all supplied quotes, from all companies, across all brands in Australia.

If we don’t have the same product, we will find an equal or better hearing aid from one of the big six hearing aid manufacturers and beat the price by 10%. Our clinicians reserve the right to decide the level comparison between brands. EarDeals offers a free 30 day trial on all hearing aids. The aim is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the hearing aid especially if it’s a brand that may not be familiar to you.

Below is a simple savings table on our 10% price beat:

Price Saving New Price
$2,000.00 $200.00 $1,800.00
$3,000.00 $300.00 $2,700.00
$5,000.00 $500.00 $4,500.00
$8,000.00 $800.00 $7,200.00

Pricing Policy: Services

We don’t stop there! EarDeals takes the same approach to our services. We offer comprehensive hearing tests and consultations for free. That’s right a second opinion on your hearing loss and the price you have already been quoted elsewhere; free with our qualified

After our free 60 days of free servicing are equally as competitive. With a pay-as- you-go option on adjustments and fittings. Don’t be fooled by fancy deals from companies stating you will have free servicing for life. The fact is most people see their clinician only a handful of times a year for basic check-ups; we don’t charge for these check-ups unless a major adjustment is required. This major adjustment cost may be found on our services page and is also very competitively priced!

So you may find that the expensive servicing package from a competitor in time may not result in a better outcome for you financially. Why risk the biscuit when you have a low pay-as-you- go option with EarDeals and Australia’s cheapest hearing aids?

Note: Prices on hearing aids in Australia do not attract a GST charge. So the price on our website is your walk out of clinic price!

Pricing Policy: International purchases

Due to the complexities of international markets, brands and of course warranties. EarDeals will not price match internationally sold items. As warranties internationally differ greatly, we find the majority of people considering the price of an overseas hearing aid soon realise the benefit of an Australian warranty. In many situations, internationally sold hearing aids don’t carry warranties outside of their purchase location. Thus the complexities of warranties, servicing, adjustments, battery purchases and repairs may become complicated and in some cases null and void.

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