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Phonak Audèo Marvel MR Hearing Aid Performance Levels

Phonak Audeo Marvel MR - M30Bluetooth + Rechargeable

Single Device $1,490.00

$2,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel MR - M50Bluetooth + Rechargeable

Single Device $1,990.00

$3,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel MR - M70Bluetooth + Rechargeable

Single Device $2,490.00

$4,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel MR - M90Bluetooth + Rechargeable

Single Device $2,990.00

$5,980.00 (Pair)

Launch Date: Late 2016

Phonak Audeo Marvel MR Features

  • Switch to increase or decrease the volume of calls
  • Ability to adjust the volume of the call also on a smartphone
  • Ability to answer calls or reject calls on left or right hearing aid
  • Switch to swap between programs
  • Refined and re-shaped receiver wire for greater comfort
  • Revised dome shape for better comfort (4 shapes in 3 sizes)
  • Upgraded wax trap
  • Easily worn with thick-framed glasses
  • Indicator lights when recharging
  • IP68 Highest dust and water resistance
  • The rechargeable battery has 6-year lifetime span
  • Connects to Android via Bluetooth
  • Connects to iPhone Bluetooth
  • Connects to any device with Bluetooth for hands-free calls
  • Voice to text feature that types words as your caller speaks (new feature available 2019)
  • Streams audio into both ears (new feature)
  • Uses the microphone on the hearing aid to pick up users voice
  • Answer the call on the hearing aid itself by pressing a button on either hearing aid
  • Streams phone call audio, podcasts, music, audeo book or YouTube video direct to hearing aids without a third party device
  • Connects automatically to your TV with a beep indication via TV Connector accessory to stream TV audio in stereo sound
  • Built-in / integrated Roger Receiver accessory to cut down background noise available in all models
  • Telecoil available in both rechargeable and disposable battery options (2019 launch)
  • Telehealth / remote adjustments and connectivity to your clinician (available in 2019)
  • Works with Apple live listen for an alternative microphone source

Phonak Audèo Marvel MR Hair & Skin Colours

Phonak Audeo MR (Marvel Rechargeable) Hearing Device Brochure

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