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A golf scenario image of a man checking his phone with an adjacent text of the Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 hearing aids promise and benefits using Bluetooth for hands-free phone calls

Phonak Audèo Marvel M312 Hearing Aid Performance Levels

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312 - M30Bluetooth

Single Device $1,490.00

$2,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312 - M50Bluetooth

Single Device $1,990.00

$3,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312 - M70Bluetooth

Single Device $2,490.00

$4,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312 - M90Bluetooth

Single Device $2,990.00

$5,980.00 (Pair)

Technology Levels and Processing Features

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Hearing Aid Technology FeaturesPhonak Marvel M30Phonak Marvel M50Phonak Marvel M70Phonak Marvel M90
Speech In CarReduces the car and road noise to provide a stable listening environment in the car. Enjoy passenger conversations or simply relax solo.---
Comfort in EchoAutomatically reduces the reverberations to improve understanding in places with echoes. Follow your holiday tour guide at a museum.---
MusicAllows for a more natural music listening experience.---
Speech In Loud NoiseAutomatic focus on a single person speaking directly in front of you in a noisy crowd. Great for family times at a restaurant.---
Speech In NoiseAutomatically follows a single voice in a noisy environment. Enjoy walking along a busy street and having a conversation.-
Speech 360 DegreesAutomatically focuses on the louder speaker regardless of their location. Allows you to follow conversation with easy while travelling in the car.--
DuePhoneHear your phone conversation in both ears. Direct through you're smartphone.-
SoundRecover2Provides you with more high-frequency listening ability while protecting low and mid frequency ranges. Great for bird watching or children's voices!---
Tinnitus BalanceNoise generator to help provide relief from tinnitus sounds. Relax in quiet environments without unwanted noise.
WhistleBlockEliminates annoying whistling from hearing instrument feedback. Keep focused on conversation without worry of interruption.
UltraZoomAllows you to enjoy every part of the conversation. Catch up with friends over coffee.
EchoBlockUnderstand better in rooms or areas there is an echo. follow the theatre performance or religious service.---
SoundRelaxFor a more relaxing listening experience. Hear beyond clattering dishes or slamming doors.--
WindBlockSuppresses wind noise so you can enjoy spending time outdoors. Great for beach walks or park runs.--
QuickSyncControl both hearing aids with one touch of a button. focus on what's important.
Comfort In NoiseReduces noise levels to enable comfortable conversation.---
Processing ChannelsTreats groups of frequencies in the same context when processing sounds.8 Channels12 Channels16 Channels20 Channels
Real Ear SoundImproves localisation of sound and the ability to experience natural sound perception.-

Phonak Audeo Marvel 312 Features

  • Switch to increase or decrease the volume of calls
  • Ability to adjust the volume of the call also on a smartphone
  • Ability to answer calls or reject calls on left or right hearing aid
  • Switch to swap between programs
  • Disposable battery options take a size 312 battery
  • Refined and re-shaped receiver wire for greater comfort
  • Revised dome shape for better comfort (4 shapes in 3 sizes)
  • Upgraded wax trap
  • Easily worn with thick-framed glasses
  • Indicator lights on Audèo Marvel rechargeable options
  • IP68 Highest dust and water resistance
  • The rechargeable lithium battery has 6-year lifetime span
  • Connects to Android via Bluetooth
  • Connects to iPhone Bluetooth
  • Connects to any device with Bluetooth for hands-free calls
  • Voice to text feature that types words as your caller speaks (new feature available 2019)
  • Streams audio into both ears (new feature)
  • Uses the microphone on the hearing aid to pick up users voice
  • Answer the call on the hearing aid itself by pressing a button on either hearing aid
  • Streams phone call audio, podcasts, music, audeo book or YouTube video direct to hearing aids without a third party device
  • Connects automatically to your TV with a beep indication via TV Connector accessory to stream TV audio in stereo sound
  • Built-in / integrated Roger Receiver accessory to cut down background noise available in all models
  • Telecoil available in both rechargeable and disposable battery options (2019 launch)
  • Telehealth / remote adjustments and connectivity to your clinician (available in 2019)
  • Works with Apple live listen for an alternative microphone source

Phonak Marvel Range Size Comparison

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Phonak Audèo Marvel M312 Hair & Skin Colours

Phonak Audeo M 312 (Marvel 312) Hearing Device Brochure

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