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Phonak Audèo Marvel M312T Hearing Aid Performance Levels

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312 T- M30Bluetooth + Telecoil

Single Device $1,490.00

$2,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312T - M50Bluetooth + Telecoil

Single Device $1,990.00

$3,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312T - M70Bluetooth + Telecoil

Single Device $2,490.00

$4,980.00 (Pair)

Phonak Audeo Marvel M312T - M90Bluetooth + Telecoil

Single Device $2,990.00

$5,980.00 (Pair)

Technology Levels and Processing Features

• Available / – Not Available

 Hearing Aid Technology FeaturesUnitron Moxi Jump R D9Unitron Moxi Jump D7Unitron Moxi Jump R D5Unitron Moxi Jump D3
Listening environmentsSoundNav 3.0 automatically identifies and classifies each of the following distinct environments for the Discover 9 technology level7642
Sound ConductorDynamically balances features to provide speech understanding, comfort and natural sound.
SpeechProA feature that provides optimal speech understanding and localization from all directions, even in your client's most challenging environments.--
Speech Locator
Quickly determines the direction speech is coming from.--
Spatial SpeechA component of SpeechPro that reintroduces localization cues by adjusting the level of amplification in each ear.---
Personalized Spatial AwarenessProvides the opportunity for a more natural, realistic listening experience for those whose ear canal resonances differ from average.--
Speech FocusMakes it easier to understand speech from any direction.---
Streaming environments - 2A part of SoundNav 3.0 that allows the hearing instruments to classify streamed speech and music using MediaNav speech and MediaNav music.
Log It AllCaptures a client's listening across 7 different environments regardless of the technology level. Shows how well the hearing aid is meeting the client's individual lifestyle.
RatingsRatings allows the client to rate their listening experience via an app and the results are viewable in Unitron TrueFit fitting software with the context of data logging and Log It All information.
UsageAccurately records usage data on topics such as hours of use per day, time spent in each program and listening destination, as well as volume changes. At the follow-up appointment, the stored data is read into Unitron TrueFit fitting software and the results are displayed. The collected information can then be used to support fine tuning decisions and user counseling.
Overall satisfactionOverall satisfaction ratings provide a metric for evaluating how individual clients are doing overall with their hearing instrument during their journey from initial visit to first fit to subsequent visits.
MyMusicSpecialized frequency response / gain offsets for the Music program designed to enhance the music listening experience based on user preference.
Automatic Adaptation ManagerAllows for an automatic and smooth adjustment period for the client; providing the best possible first fit acceptance combined with maximum long-term benefit for speech understanding.
Multiband adaptive directionalityA microphone system that tracks and suppresses multiple moving noise sources, while focusing on sounds from the front.
Frequency compression 2Shifts sounds away from areas where hearing is most damaged and compresses them by a specified ratio into a client's audible frequency range to provide improved awareness and speech intelligibility.
AntiShock 2Instantly suppresses sudden loud, irritating sounds without affecting speech and sounds your clients want to hear.
Binaural PhoneAvailable in some wireless products. Binaural Phone automatically streams audio from the phone ear to the non-phone ear, allowing for binaural hearing while on a landline or mobile phone.
Pinna EffectThis feature considers the location of the hearing instrument microphone and adjusts the microphone response to recreate the natural ability of the external ear to collect sound.
Natural Sound BalanceAdaptive feature that continuously monitors the relationship between the direct sound path (vent-transmitted sound) and the amplified path and automatically adjusts the hearing instrument output to ensure the sound mixture provides natural sound quality.
Feedback managerOffers adjustable strengths to suppress various degrees of feedback and provides more usable gain.
Wind ControlAutomatically reduces wind noise to improve listening comfort.
Speech enhancementAdaptive feature that identifies the presence of speech in the listening situation and increases gain in any of the channels where speech is the dominant signal. Speech enhancement provides greater enhancement to softer inputs while providing less enhancement as input levels rise, to prevent loudness tolerance issues.
Noise reductionAdaptive feature that improves listening comfort by decreasing gain / output of the hearing instrument in those channels where noise is the dominant signal.
DuolinkApplies adjustments to program and/or volume control made in one hearing aid to both hearing aids.
Tinnitus maskerNoise generator intended to provide a sound enrichment source that stimulates the auditory system. Intended to be used as part of a comprehensive tinnitus therapy program.
IntelliVentOptional feature that calculates vent design characteristics considering your client's unique ear canal dimensions and hearing loss. Unitron TrueFit fitting software works with IntelliVent to automatically optimize gain/frequency response for the acoustics of the vent.

Phonak Audeo Marvel 312T Features

  • Telecoil connectivity
  • Smallest Telecoil device in Phonak Audeo Marvel range
  • Increase or decrease the volume of calls on device
  • Adjust the call volume on a smartphone
  • Answer calls or reject unwanted calls on device
  • Use the switch to swap between programs designed for you
  • Size 312 battery – Free batteries available see services list above
  • Redesigned receiver wire for better comfort
  • Redesigned silicon dome shapes and sizes for better comfort
  • Upgraded wax trap
  • Wear with glasses
  • Indicator lights during charging
  • IP68 Highest dust and water resistance
  • The rechargeable lithium battery has a 6-year lifetime span
  • Connects to Android via Bluetooth smart phones
  •  iPhone compatible
  • Connects to devices for Bluetooth hands-free calls
  • Voice to text feature that types words as your caller speaks (coming soon)
  • Streams audio calls into both ears android and iPhone
  • Uses the microphone on the hearing aid to pick up users voice for phone calls
  • Can stream many audio types:  podcasts, music, YouTube, audiobooks, video directly to the hearing aids
  • Connects automatically to your TV (accessory required)
  • Stream TV audio in stereo sound (accessory required)
  • Built-in Roger Receiver accessory – cuts down background noise
  • Telehealth – remote hearing aid adjustments and connectivity to your clinician (now available)
  • Works with Apple live listen – alternative microphone source

Phonak Marvel Range Size Comparison

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Phonak Audèo Marvel M312 Hair & Skin Colours

Phonak Audeo M 312T (Marvel 312T) Hearing Device Brochure

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