Our Price Guarantee

At EarDeals we aim to supply you the most affordable hearing aids on the market while providing a level of service that is unmatched by our competition. We believe that great service, starts with a great price!


We Beat Any Quote By 10%!

EarDeals stocks the most fitted and popular hearing devices on the Australian market. However if you request a 10% price beat, please supply a quote. For a product that we do not currently stock, EarDeals will match the technology level and style of the hearing device and further beat the price supplied by 10%. EarDeals reserves the right to choose which hearing devices match the supplied quote. Simply upload a copy of your quote to our website and a member of our team will be in contact shortly. Please note that EarDeals treats this process as a strictly confidential.

10% Price Beat Guarantee

EarDeals will happily beat any comparable product quote by 10%. Simply upload your quote to the EarDeals website and a member of the EarDeals team will re-supply a quote less 10% for your consideration. EarDeals treats all transactions as strictly confidential and will only contact the individual who submitted the quote from their supplied contact details.

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10% price beat guarantee¬†applies to “hearing devices” and “hearing aids only”. ¬†EarDeals has the discretion to not award a price beat guarantee. This is due to the number of non-compliant retailers in the Australian market. Should you wish to gain clarity on a price please call 02 9133 7899.


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