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When you buy hearing aids online it’s important to know that every hearing aid sale in Australia requires a face-to-face consultation with a clinician. Hearing aids for sale in Australia carry a complex fitting process focused on tuning the hearing aids from the individuals hearing test results by a clinician. As such it is important to know that a hearing test is required before the fitting of any hearing aid that EarDeals sells on line or in clinic.

To achieve the best hearing aid prices in Australia you can purchase online through the EarDeals website; the product is then ordered from the manufacturer and then sent to your designated clinic within 24 hours. The clinician will both test your hearing and fit the purchased device. Should the device not suit your needs alternatives will be offered in the same price level. Should you find that the hearing aids trialled are not providing you the benefit you are seeking –  you will receive a full refund within 30 days of the purchase, once the items are received back in the store.

Should you not feel comfortable with the online purchases of hearing aids the device may be purchased in the clinic through our qualified clinician, simply make a hearing test appointment through the EarDeals website in the top right of this website or call 1300 010 064. It’s that easy!

What happens if I don’t like the hearing aid I purchased and I either change my mind on the device or don’t want the device at all?

In the circumstances that you no longer want the hearing aid your will receive a full refund if returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please read our terms and conditions found at the bottom of the website for more information.

In the common circumstance that you would like to change your mind, a refund of the difference will be granted or if you decide on a product of a greater value a further payment of the difference will be available in clinic.

At EarDeals we encourage informed purchase decisions so if you’re not entirely happy, we will happily trial alternative hearing aids with you or give you a full refund within 30 days.

Choosing an online hearing aid retailer
Buyers Beware – Too good to be true!  – It probably is!

When choosing  hearing aids online, shop carefully and ensure that the retailer looks trustworthy.

If the price looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

If the website does not look professional, then it probably isn’t.

Are the hearing aids fitted in a hotel room?

Other considerations include the display of prices. Some retailers online will ask for your contact details before offering you the hearing aid price. This is a clever marketing tool aimed at gathering your browsing data and then providing  the ability to chase you and convince you to purchase.

Also be aware that some websites claiming to be third-party review websites. These are simple marketing ploys to capture your interest. These businesses or websites are often owned by a single company, or your data will be sold on to another provider as a lead.

Finally, call and ask questions about your hearing aid prices.

Hearing Aid Visiting Sites
Fit and Fly models!

Some online retailers have visiting sites. Visiting sites simply allow hearing aid retailers the ability to spread their geographic footprint.

Unfortunately, issues arise in availability, quality of the testing facilities or integrity as  these are a fit and fly models! Consider carefully the clinic from which you purchase and if they are visiting ask the date they will return?.

Furthermore, these visiting sites often don’t have the same high-quality facilities required for accurate hearing tests and fittings, leading to poor value hearing solutions for many clients.

Secure payments at EarDeals

When you make a payment to buy hearing aids, batteries or accessories with EarDeals, your data is not stored, and your funds are transferred and governed through a National Australia Bank (NAB) portal. This means your payment and details are as safe as a bank! If you are unsure or are struggling with the purchase process, please call 1300 010 064 for assistance.

Other types of hearing aid retailers

Many consumers don’t realise that the majority of hearing aid clinics found in Australia are retail outlets for hearing aid manufacturers.

As a result, consumers are offered limited brands from which to choose. As these businesses rely solely on hearing aid sales,  competitive pressures result in a push for larger sale numbers to ensure growth and profitability.

Hearing aid clinics which operate outside the ownership of a hearing aid manufacturer are commonly referred to as independents. The largest independent Australian owned hearing company in Australia has 70 + clinics . The smaller independents are the majority. Independent retailers of hearing aids are more likely Australian owned and operated.

EarDeals is an independently owned retailer and is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. 

Why are our hearing aid prices so cheap?

It’s simple we provide great value hearing solutions to our clients through an automated and streamed lined business model. We offer state of the art testing facilities with brand new soundproof booths, testing equipment, and the latest supporting technology, with high-quality hearing savings on offer. Our prices are reflective of a non-tradition hearing aid clinics that seek to fit you by traditional methods, not the device to suit your hearing needs.

To view our clinic, book a free 15-minute consultation online today or simply drop in and say hello! EarDeals offers great prices in hearing aids in Sydney at our CBD located office. 2-minute walk from Town Hall Station.


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