Hearing Aid Batteries

EarDeals offers discount hearing aid batteries for all brands and styles on the market. In fact, our prices are so low; we think you will struggle to buy cheaper hearing aid batteries from any other retailer!

Hearing aid battery sizes:

P10: Smallest and colour coded Yellow
P312: Small to medium colour coded brown
P13: Medium to large colour coded orange
P675: Large High power colour coded Blue

How to buy online?

uying hearing aids online is easy, convenient and very cost effective. Simply find the battery type you would like. Either a six cells tab or a box of 60 cells and then click “add to cart”. Follow the guides through the National Australia Bank payment portal and you will receive an Australia Post tracking number and link for you to watch the progress of your delivery.

If at any point you would like to check the progress of your delivery, please call 1800 010 064 and one of our friendly team will be able to assist.

How to choose the right size?

Choosing the right hearing aid battery can be difficult if you’re not familiar with hearing aids. Call 1300 010 064 for our support team who will be able to look up the device you have in our system and match you to the correct battery type. Alternatively, search any cheap hearing aid battery type on the EarDeals website and download the battery selector guide. The download is located at the top of the page next to the main image.

When is the best time to buy batteries?

Cheap hearing aid batteries are best purchased at the point when you have 1 to 2 weeks supply left from your last order. This will provide you plenty of time for your new order of cheap hearing aid batteries to arrive and ensure that your excess reserves will remain fresh for longer.

How to store batteries?

Hearing aid batteries are best stored in a cool dry place. Please be aware that batteries have potentially deadly consequences if swallowed by pets or small children. Due to the size of hearing aid batteries please treat them like a prescription medicine and discard the used batteries in a thoughtful way.

What are the brands of batteries available?

Like any product, brands, often determine the quality of the battery. However, the most important part about battery use is the age of the battery. The older the battery the more likely it will have a shorter life. EarDeals only sells fresh online batteries. We order our batches more regularly to ensure that by the time they reach your doorstep the batteries are still at their highest level of quality.

When purchasing batteries in bulk, please be aware of your demand on batteries and don’t oversupply yourself beyond two boxes. EarDeals recommends no more than 120 batteries ordered at one singular time. Our cheap hearing aid batteries work in Oticon hearing aids, Starkey Hearing aids, Phonak Hearing aids, Unitron hearing aids, Signia hearing aids, Bernafon hearing aids, Widex hearing aids, Kirkland Hearing aids and many other hearing aid brands.

Battery life of our cheap hearing aid batteries

P10 / Yellow: Approximately 3-6 days*
P312 / Brown: Approximately 5-10 days
P13 / Orange: Approximately 9-18 days
P675 Blue: Approximately 14-28 days*
*Please note that the expiry date of most battery types is printed on the packaging.

Are low price batteries poor quality?

Not always, EarDeals stocks the most popular battery brands for hearing aids. The batteries sold are designed specifically for your hearing aids. Our batteries are purchases and sold fresh!

Postage of our affordable hearing aid batteries

Zinc hearing aid batteries have a longer expected life span however because of their chemical components are not approved to be posted by Air Freight.  EarDeals thus has stocks in most states and sends from our distribution ports from these states to ensure you receive your batteries in the fastest possible time. Please be aware that unfortunately, delays in delivery do occur out of our control due to postage company delays.

In the unlikely event, a member of the EarDelals team will be in contact via email to inform you of an expected delay.

About our Cheap Zinc Hearing aid Batteries

Most of the hearing aids sold today are Zinc Air batteries. These batteries are safer than the previous Mercury based hearing aid batteries. The batteries come packaged with a small colour label attached to the flat positive side. Once the label is removed some small holes appear allowing for a chemical reaction; activating the battery.

Please allow a minimum of 5 minutes for the chemical reaction to occur in the battery before inserting the battery into the hearing aid device. Mercury Free batteries are still available on the market however often last for less time. Please treat all batteries with caution as a swallowed battery may be fatal to pets or small children. Dispose of used batteries thoughtfully and if you believe someone has swallowed a battery please seek medical advice immediately.

How to get long battery life – Discount hearing aid batteries

1)    After removing the sticker on the battery allow to breathe for 5 minutes
2)    Disconnect the battery from the device when the device is not in use
3)    Check the expiry of your purchased hearing aid batteries to ensure they are fresh
4)    Store your supply of batteries in a cool dry place away from sunlight


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