Hearing Aid Accessories

EarDeals, offers hearing aid accessories for every hearing device  we stock. These accessories range help you achieve the most out of your hearing aid in a variety of environmental challenges. Each hearing aid page on the EarDeals website has a free hearing aid device download button that will provide you a catalogue of devices and explanations to help you decide on the best hearing aid accessory for your needs.

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What are hearing aid accessories and what are they used for?

Hearing aid accessories are electronic devices that are designed by the manufacturer of hearing aids aimed at enhancing the listening experience of the hearing aid wearer in particular situations.

These situations include:

    Watching TV
    Conversations in a loud café
    Conversations in the car
    Talking on the mobile phone

Should hearing aids not do this anyway?

Yes, hearing aids are very effective devices and they do make a substantial difference to a person’s ability to hear. However, there are some limitations depending on the style of the hearing aid, size, and technology level. Assistive listening devices and or hearing aid accessories build on the features of the hearing aid often hidden within shells that are discretely shaped like pens or garage door remotes.

The key benefits of many of these types of devices is a larger receiver that is bigger and more powerful than the ones built inside the small hearing aids of today. These additional devices link directly to the hearing aid and provide the wearer in a noisy café the option of an additional sound receiver, enhancing the listening experience from the table in front or even their partners pocket. Other devices may be placed next to a TV or linked to a TV audio output to stream the program the viewer is watching directly to the hearing aid.

By utilising this feature, every person in the room may be able to listen to the TV at their desired volume level and with clarity. Some devices provide the ability to link more than one set of hearing aids.

Remote controls

Hearing aids with remote controls have been around for many years however the technology continues to improve year-on-year and between manufactures. One of the most popular assistive listing devices or hearing aid accessory is the remote. Remotes have many features depending on the brand of hearing aids you decide to use. In their most basic form, they allow the wearer to adjust the volume up and down as well as switching channels on their hearing aids remotely. These devices are pocket-friendly with large buttons so the wearer of the hearing aids can discreetly adjust the hearing aids without the knowledge of the other participant in the conversation. Some devices also offer a digital screen to indicate the adjustment level and channel choice on the hearing aids.

TV Accessories

TV accessories are designed to wirelessly stream your favourite programs directly to your hearing aids. Each manufacturer has a slightly different version of a TV transmitter. It’s important to ask this question should you wish to watch your TV assisted by an accessory. In most cases, if you are watching TV in a controlled environment the hearing aids will suffice. However, many clients report that for the comfort of other viewers the TV transmitter is a preferable option.

Direct TV Streaming in Dalby Digital Sound

Some manufacturers such as Signia have introduced direct streaming. This allows the wearer the ability to stream directly to their hearing aids with specific devices in full Dolby Digital sound.

Wearers of the Newly released (Nov 2017) Signia NX or Pure 13 BT hearing aids can even adjust the TV volume individually via the my Control App!

In Car Hearing Aid Accessories

There is a variety of hearing aid accessories that offer enhanced performance in the car or on public transport. In most cases, these devices are centred around an additional microphone device that streams directly to your hearing aids. Many manufacturers offer these Microphone devices with an additional channel and volume adjustments for the hearing aids in the same device.

New Release Remote Hearing aids – Microphone

Arguably most advanced hearing aid accessory is the upcoming microphone device manufactured by Signia / Siemens called the StreamLine Mic. The device is due for launch in the summer of 2018 and boasts handsfree streaming of phone calls and music with any Bluetooth smartphone to your Signia Siemens Hearing Aids.

EarDeals is taking expressions of interest for this highly anticipated device through our contact page.


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