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Welcome to EarDeals

Welcome to EarDeals the cheapest “big brand” hearing aids in Australia! At EarDeals we have innovated beyond the traditional hearing aid clinic and sit in the Australian market as the price leader, delivering a high-quality hearing health services, the envy of our competitors!

The result is a daily cost saving to our business that is simply passed on to you our clients the cheapest hearing aids in Australia.

You will read online, and in glossy magazines that cheap hearing aids purchased online are terrible, service is poor and that you don’t know who will test you. However, the truth is we have highly trained and certified clinicians and our clinics are state of the art testing facilities – we just have a strong online platform.

EarDeals stocks the same great value hearing solutions and affordable hearing aids from Australia’s most fitted and popular brands – just cheaper! We stock invisible hearing aid devices, small hearing aids, Bluetooth hearing aids and rechargeable hearing devices.

Call EarDeals today to get a hearing aid price or scroll through our website to see our range of discounted hearing aids on offer. Our low-cost hearing aids are so cheap that you will start to question why you didn’t go online sooner! So for great hearing aids in Sydney, at Australia’s lowest prices book a free appointment online and visit our clinic today. Yes we do have a clinic!!

Each month we offer great hearing savings through our free online catalogue. These products include Phonak, Unitron, Signia and Vista hearing aids. Additionally, you will find cheap hearing aid batteries in sizes P10, P13, P312 and P675 from Powerone!

10% Price beat guarantee

EarDeals offers 10% off any comparable quote. That’s right we will drop our prices even further should you send us your quote from another retailer – it’s that easy! If we don’t stock the same product, we will match your product choice by comparing the features with one of our popular hearing aid brands and beat that price by 10%! We often beat quotes on Oticon, Starkey, GN Resound, Kirkland and Widex hearing aids. So call us today for a free quote.

Why Doesn’t EarDeals stock all of the top 8 hearing aid brands?

EarDeal is independent of all hearing aid manufacturers! We wish we could stock all brands ………but not all brands have been made available to our business. We thus focus on stocking the most fitted and popular brands in Australia according to third-party commentary and government information. EarDeals is open to stocking all brands from all suppliers and will continue to look for fantastic deals for our clients.

Incentives for clinicians

EarDeals does not incentivise our clinicians on the sale of a hearing aid, brand or technology level.  We do not recommend or push particular brands of hearing aids. In fact, we prefer to choose hearing aid devices for you using external consumer satisfaction surveys and reports from third-party providers. EarDeals offers 60 day trials across multiple brands with a 100% money back guarantee. Our trials are designed to help you decide on the device that’s right for you. To maintain a high level of service our clinicians must adhere to our strick client satisfaction requirements.

How Cheap is a cheap hearing aid?

The term cheap hearing aids doesn’t not refer to the quality of the product rather the price in which we sell that device.

Technology Levels vs Product

Each hearing aid company has its own software loaded into their hearing aids. Within the manufacturers, software is a range of technology levels –  based on programmed features. It is normal to find a product that looks the same but ranges over 5 technology levels with five different price points. The higher the technology level, the higher the price. 

Hearing aid brands and their devices

All hearing aid manufacturers have a number of device levels they sell. When choosing a hearing aid within your chosen brand, it’s the programmed features as well as the attributes such as Bluetooth give a great listening experience. Current hearing aids on the market vary little in size as the manufacturers have raced for many years to have the smallest devices.

For example, the brand Signia has the following products: Silk, Ace, Carat, Cellion, Pure 13 and Pure 13 BT, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, Pure 10 Nx, Pure Charge & Go Nx..

The Silk product comes with the 1px, 2px, 3px, 5px, 7px software levels. This device looks different from the others and has physical features that typically means the Silk hearing aid is directed toward people with active lifestyles – due to its fit in the ear. Additionally, the product is invisible and thus is popular with people who are seeking a discrete device.

Browse the EarDeals website, and you will find that each hearing aid has different features and they come in a range of technology levels which then determines the software level in that device.

Call 1300 010 064 and speak to our expert about the product you have found on the website and how it may compare to other devices or features like Bluetooth that you are looking for! Our tech service team is here to help you make the best decision for your hearing needs.


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