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Phonak Marvel Virto 312 Hearing Aid Custom Bluetooth

10 March 2020

Phonak Virto Marvel Hearing Aid

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Styletto Connect Nx

01 March 2019

Signia Launch Styletto Connect NX Hearing Aid

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Phonak launches new Marvel Hearing aid and all its features are mind blowing!

17 October 2018

Phonak Audèo Marvel Hearing Aid Range

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05 September 2018

Signia Styletto Hearing aid awarded a Canstar Award 2018!

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04 September 2018

Signia Styletto Available Now!

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buy a hearing a guide

13 July 2018

Buying a hearing aid for someone else?

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Hearing aid battery prices. All Sizes; cheap prices!

09 July 2018

Hearing aid battery prices $19 a box!

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AirPods link with iPhone like hearing aids

11 June 2018

Apple link to hearing aids and beyond!

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world's smallest CIC hearing aid

21 May 2018

New Signia Siemens Silk Nx – 20% Smaller!

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Sivantos and Widex merge as bird hand eats logo

17 May 2018

Sivantos and Widex merge globally – What about the Australian consumer?

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10 May 2018

Signia Pure Charge&Go NX is here!

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04 May 2018

Hansaton Sound SHD S13 Stream – New Bluetooth!

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28 April 2018

Ear Deals now offering hearing aid finance

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21 March 2018

Client Testimonial: Phonak Belong

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07 March 2018

Moxi All & Moxi All-R world first release – Order now!

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25 September 2017

Because Silk is invisible – Let’s talk about lifestyle and technology levels

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04 September 2016

Sydney EarDeals Clinic Now Open!

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