Everything You Need to Know About Trialing Hearing Aids

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Would you buy a house without inspecting it first? Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive? Both answers are probably no. So, why would you buy hearing aids without trialing them first? 

At EarDeals, we want to help you find the right hearing aid for your needs, which is why we offer free 30-day hearing aid trials

Reasons to Trial a Hearing Aid 


Some hearing aids are more comfortable than others and can take some time to get used to. You want your hearing aid to be as comfortable as it can be so you can wear it for long periods. 

The best-case scenario is that you’ll soon forget you’re wearing hearing aids because of the comfort. So trialing a hearing aid to see if it fits your comfort level is essential before buying. 

2. Sound levels 

It’s not just enough for the hearing aid to be physically comfortable; the sound comfort levels need to be high as well. 

Every hearing aid sounds different. Each hearing aid manufacturer strives for the holy grail of hearing aids, aiming for more natural sounds with each iteration. 

Finding the hearing aid with the perfect sound comfort for you is essential and can only be achieved through trialing hearing aids. 

3. Features and differences 

There are many unique benefits to each hearing aid brand. For example, Phonak and ReSound both offer Bluetooth capabilities for Apple and Android devices without the need to purchase an additional accessory. 

When choosing a hearing aid to trial, your EarDeals broker will help you narrow down the right type of hearing aid for your hearing loss and preferences. 


4. Lifestyle 

Your lifestyle plays a significant role in choosing the right hearing aid. A wide variety of new hearing aid features are designed around lifestyle choices and how or where you use your hearing aids. 

Hearing aid charger cases now provide wearers with more flexibility to charge their devices when and where they want. Trialling these features is easy and allows you to understand how hearing aids will support your lifestyle demands. 

5. Hearing loss match 

Within each range of hearing aids, you’ll find many technology levels. These technology levels are defined by the software programs on the processing chip of the hearing aid. 

As you go higher in technology level, you unlock more features designed to help filter and process sound. Therefore, if you have a higher degree of hearing loss, the higher you should go in the technology levels. 

6. Tinnitus therapy 

Tinnitus often goes hand-in-hand with hearing loss. If you suffer from tinnitus, you may find a hearing aid trial to be the logical consideration. 

While addressing any hearing loss, modern hearing aids can also mask the sounds caused by your tinnitus. 

Many hearing aid manufacturers have additional options for those suffering from tinnitus, including free therapy apps and software programs within the hearing aids. 

Start a Hearing Aid Trial

How do You Start a Hearing Aid Trial? 

1. Comprehensive hearing test 

It’s important to undergo a comprehensive hearing test to ensure that all aspects of your hearing health are investigated and to determine your degree of hearing loss. 

2. Receiving a diagnosis 

This information is a major factor when determining the type of hearing aids that would work best for your type of hearing loss. 

For example, if someone was diagnosed with temporary hearing loss caused by blocked ears, a hearing aid wouldn’t be useful. However, if someone was diagnosed with mild to severe hearing loss, hearing aids would be recommended. 

3. Choosing the hearing aid 

Following the diagnosis of your hearing loss, the next step would be to contact an EarDeals broker to find the right hearing aid for your hearing loss. 

To decide on a hearing aid that’s right for you, you should set goals and have realistic expectations for listening and communicating once your hearing aid is fitted. 

Communicate your expectations and lifestyle to your hearing aid broker so they can find a hearing aid that will suit you. 

4. Trialling your hearing aid 

The majority of hearing aid users have no prior knowledge of hearing aids, their technical features or how to operate them. 

At EarDeals, we offer free 30-day hearing aid trials to see how hearing aids can make a difference in your life. We only work with university-qualified audiologists with a minimum of five years of specific experience in hearing aid fitting. 

Start a Hearing Aid Trial Today 

If you have recently had a hearing test and have been diagnosed with hearing loss but aren’t sure which hearing aid is right for you, get in touch with the team at EarDeals

A hearing aid trial is the best place to start your journey to better hearing. If nothing more than for peace of mind and knowing that the decision you have made to address your hearing is based on first-hand experience. 

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