5 Things You Can do with Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Since hearing aids were developed, their technology has rapidly changed. 

Advancements in hearing aid technology have led to the creation of modern-day Bluetooth hearing aids, allowing wearers to connect wirelessly and directly to their Bluetooth enabled Apple or Android smartphones. 

Since many modern-day hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity, it opens up a world of benefits for hearing aid wearers and gives them more control than ever before. 

What Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids? 

Bluetooth refers to the technology that enables wireless transfer of information between devices, such as hearing aids and smartphones. 

Some hearing aids brands, such as GN ReSound and Signia, have ‘Made for iPhone’ Bluetooth hearing aid technology, allowing for a seamless connection between your hearing aids and iPhone. 

Other hearing aid brands, such as Phonak and Unitron, have ‘Made for All’ Bluetooth hearing aid technology, which allows you to connect to a broader range of Apple or Android Bluetooth enabled devices. 

Here are the top five things that you can do with Bluetooth hearing aids: 

1. Stream Media & Phone Calls 

Once your hearing aids have been connected to your smartphone by your Audiologist, you can stream any media from your smartphone directly to your hearing aids. For example, you can listen to music or watch videos on your phone, and the audio will be sent to your hearing aids. You can even adjust the volume of the audio to suit you. 

With Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, you can also stream phone calls. If you have two hearing aids, this will allow for binaural hearing (using both ears) on the phone. Some Bluetooth hearing aid brands allow you to accept and reject calls from your hearing aid either by tap control or pressing a button on your hearing aid. For other Bluetooth hearing aid brands, you can accept and reject calls as you normally would on your smartphone. The former allows for entirely hands-free calls. 

Streaming phone calls can significantly improve hearing on the phone for people who usually have difficulty.  

2. Adjust Your Hearing Aids 

Most manufacturers have smartphone apps for their Bluetooth hearing aids. Your Audiologist will download the relevant app on your smartphone and pair your hearing aids to the app. 

Once your hearing aids are connected, you can adjust the volume and programs from your phone. This can be an advantage over making adjustments from the hearing aids themselves as you can visualise the changes; it’s more discreet, and hearing aid buttons/controls are usually small and difficult to manage. 

Some apps also allow further control and fine-tuning, such as adjusting bass, mid and treble sounds. 

Activate Voice Assistance3. Activate Voice Assistance 

Some Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to access voice assistants like Siri or Google by tapping your ear. 

The microphone in the hearing aids pick up your voice and send it to the smartphone, where you will hear the answer directly from your hearing aids. 

You can send messages, make phone calls, and set reminders. The possibilities are endless with Bluetooth hearing aids! 

4. Find Your Lost Hearing Aids 

Some Bluetooth hearing aids connected to your smartphone have a feature where you can find your lost or misplaced hearing aids using an app. 

If you lose or misplace your hearing aids, you can open the relevant app on your phone, and it will show you the last known location of your hearing aids. 

The app will let you know as you get closer to your hearing aids. This app can help you save a lot of stress and hassle, especially if you are prone to losing things. 

Remote Hearing Aid Adjustments5. Remote Hearing Aid Adjustments 

Some hearing aid brands have enabled remote fine-tuning adjustments in their Bluetooth hearing aids via the smartphone app. This can be done synchronously (in real-time) or asynchronously (your Audiologist will make adjustments and send them to the app, which you can then download to your hearing aids).

Remote hearing aid adjustments come in handy if you want a quick adjustment but cannot make it into the clinic. It has proven especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for fine-tuning in the comfort of your home. 

To Sum It Up 

Life with hearing loss is hard enough, especially when one in six Australians suffers. 

The release of Bluetooth hearing aids has made life easier for many people who wear hearing aids. 

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