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Did you know that one in six Australians currently suffer from hearing loss? As shocking as it is, thanks to an ageing population and increasing noise pollution, this number is expected to rise to one in four by 2050. Whilst hearing loss can not be reverted; hearing aids can significantly improve your overall quality of life if you suffer from hearing loss. 

EarDeals recognised this as an opportunity six years ago and formed a team of hearing aid brokers and university qualified audiologists that can help you find the best hearing aids for your unique needs and preferences, no matter where you live in Australia. 

Make Your Hearing Health A Priority With EarDeals

  • Only one in five Aussies who could benefit from a hearing aid uses one. 

If you’re among those who have been putting off their hearing health, let the EarDeals hearing aid brokers help you take a step towards a greater quality of life. There are many reasons why people procrastinate getting a hearing test or hearing aids, including financial factors, social stigma and simply not wanting to accept the extent of their hearing loss. 

What is a Hearing Aid Broker? 

Our hearing aid brokers are a team of compassionate specialist hearing aid consultants with access to a supply of the latest high-quality, affordable hearing aids. EarDeals brokers are often hearing aid users themselves and understand the impact hearing loss can have on your life – at any age. 

Our hearing aid brokers do not earn commission on hearing aid sales. EarDeals employ them to help members of the community suffering from the effects of hearing loss. Independent from hearing aid manufacturers, our brokers’ focus is on you and finding the best solution for your individual needs and preferences. Our brokers have a love for hearing aid technology and an in-depth client focused understanding of the features and benefits a hearing aid can offer to a person’s lifestyle who lives with hearing loss.

The EarDeals Mission

Helping Aussies find the most affordable hearing aid prices since 2015. 

EarDeals clinics are accredited, our mission is to support you on your journey to better hearing and assist you in finding the best hearing aid price for your lifestyle and hearing loss. Our focus is providing potential hearing aid wearers with quality information that they can trust to make the most informed decision in an otherwise unregulated industry.  Our team of hearing brokers can help broker you a better deal if you’re self-funding your hearing aids. 

Our FREE hearing broker services include:

Once you’ve found the perfect device with the help of our hearing aid brokers, our network of university-qualified audiologists will guide you on the rest of your hearing journey. This includes a hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and final hearing aid adjustments. 

What Is The EarDeals Difference?

Our promise to you is that we won’t be beaten on price or service quality. Independent from hearing aid manufacturers, we stock the best hearing aid brands and options available on the market. That means we can provide you with a variety of top-notch hearing aid options at incredibly low prices. 

The Best Hearing Aid Prices For Leading Brands

EarDeals’ 10% Price Beat Guarantee 

At EarDeals, we offer a 10 percent price beat guarantee on comparable Australian competitor quotes for self-funded hearing aids*. If you have received a quote from elsewhere, call us on 1300 010 064 or email admin@eardeals.com.au with your contact details. Our hearing aid brokers will contact you shortly to discuss your options and next steps.

The hearing aid brands we stock include: 

  • Signia
  • Resound
  • Phonak
  • Unitron

Don’t have a hearing aid quote?

If you don’t have a competitor quote, you can contact our team of hearing aid brokers by calling 1300 010 064 and have a chat about our hearing aids options. Our brokers will identify the most suitable option for your requirements, lifestyle, and budget during this commitment-free consultation. This service is free of charge. If you are still unsure we can arrange an appointment which will include a complimentary diagnostic hearing test and consultation so you can discuss your hearing loss and your hearing requirements with our university qualified Audiologists. You’ll still be able to access our great prices. However, we are simply giving you the ability to meet face-to-face with your audiologist first to discuss your hearing loss and hearing aid options in a more traditional setting. This option is popular with first time wearers or people who want to trust in the audiologist’s opinion. The alternative is knowing the device you want, and of course, our low hearing aid prices and having your hearing aid fitted. This option is more popular with second time wearers of hearing aids or experienced hearing aid wearers.

Free 60-Day Hearing Aid Trials

To sweeten the deal, we also offer free 60-day hearing aid trials to all of our self-funded clients*. We believe that hearing aid trials are essential in helping you find the perfect match for your level of hearing loss. Wanting you to be confident in your choice of hearing aid and level of technology, we think you should thoroughly test a device before you make this life-changing decision. 

Curious to learn about our free 60-day hearing aid trial? Here are ten reasons why you should try before you buy!

Safe Products And Qualified Services

EarDeals exclusively partners with qualified, accredited and service-focused audiologists to provide you with complimentary hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and adjustment appointments. If you find yourself requiring additional assistance with your hearing aids, you’ll only pay for services you actually make use of. This allows us to drastically reduce the price of your hearing aids and pass those savings on to you. 

All EarDeals team members must adhere to the Audiology Australia Professional Practice Standards for your comfort and safety. 

How does the Hearing Aid Brokering Process Work?

hearing aid brokering process

Our team of hearing aid brokers is composed of non-judgmental, expert hearing aid consultants with years of experience in the hearing health industry. They understand the ins and outs of recognised hearing aid brands and the features of different devices and technology levels. This knowledge is key to supporting you at the start of your hearing journey. 

EarDeals hearing aid brokers are consistently training, researching and testing the latest devices themselves – so you know you’re receiving first-hand the advice provided by independent consultants. 

To start your journey, give us a call at 1300 010 064!

Australia’s Only Hearing Aid Brokers

Thanks to our independence from hearing aid manufacturers and the highest standard of care, EarDeals governs affordable hearing health services in Australia. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly hearing brokers and start your journey to better hearing, call us on 1300 010 064!

We’re also here for you if you would like to get a better price on a competitor hearing aid quote. Speak to our hearing aid brokers today, and we’ll find you the best price on any device.  

* terms and conditions apply

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