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New Hearing Aid Release

Phonak Audèo Marvel Hearing Aid Range

Last Updated: 6th August 2019

Phonak Extend Audeo Marvel Hearing Aid Range!

Hearing aid wearers can now access the Phonak global powerhouse range with the latest features in Bluetooth, rechargeability and now Telecoil!

Prices Available Below With Technology Selection Guide

Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid Australia

Rechargeable Models

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Phonak Marvel M-R

  • Rechargeable 20 hours use
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Calls
  • Smallest Rechargeable Device

Phonak Marvel M-RT

  • Rechargeable
  • Bluetooth Calls
  • Telecoil

Replaceable Battery Models (P312/P13)

Phonak Audeo Marvel

Phonak Marvel M-13T

  • Bluetooth Calls
  • Telecoil
  • Longest life disposable battery

Phonak Marvel M-312T

  • Bluetooth Calls
  • Telecoil
  • Smallest Telecoil Device in the range

Phonak Marvel M-312

  • Bluetooth Calls
  • Smallest Device in the range
  • 3-4 days battery life

Phonak Marvel Supporting Accessories 

Explainer Video

(Virto, Audeo, Naida & Bolero Hearing Aid Styles)

Phonak Tv Connector


Phonak PartnerMic


Phonak RemoteControl


Phonak SmartPhone App



Phonak Extend Audeo Marvel Range To Include Telecoil Hearing Aids!

Exciting news out of the Phonak office again today! Phonak have release two new members to the Audeo Marvel Range. Joining the lineup in the Marvel range which already boasts the global sellouts (stock now available) Audeo MR and Audeo M312 from 2018, Phonak has now made available the M312T and the M13T. So why at EarDeals Sydney are we so excited about this update? Well, the outstanding success of Marvel at launch in November surprised even Phonak on the demand from the Marvel range, to the point where in Australia we actually went dry in January for a short period of time and no company had devices. For the record hearing devices rarely cause this type of rush. So naturally, we are expecting that the new range which boasts the additional telecoil technology as an added feature will raise the eyebrow of telecoil enthusiasts around Australia.

What is a telecoil?

Although a relatively old style of technology a telecoil is a tiny metal coil inside a hearing aid. The coil is designed as a receiver which catches signals from a loop system. A loop system works as an electromagnetic field. When a hearing aid wearer enters this electromagnetic field with an activated telecoil the hearing aids convert the energy into a sound signal and thus amplifies the sound through the wearers hearing aids.

Where do telecoils exist?

This is the thing… unless you are aware of where a telecoil or loop system exist you probably won’t notice you’re in the available electromagnetic field. The systems are most commonly found in places where hearing is essential to people for the means of listening, as the loop system is a form of one-way communication where the wearer is more or less sent messages like a radio.

The most common locations are in places of education such as universities and tafes. However, the widespread growth and understanding of the technology, has seen the systems available in airports when flights are being called, museums and even public concert and entertainment halls. If you frequent Return Services Clubs around Australia or even some lifesaving clubs, the technology is growing in these types of places as well.

One of the most sort after reasons for the use of telecoil systems is in movie theatres. The technology has become increasingly more popular as the older demographic becomes the key driver of ticket sales across Australia.

Choosing The Right Telecoil Device: 

 Telecoil VS Others In The Marvel Range

The Telecoil inside the device does take up more hearing aid space and as such the manufacturers have to increase the size of the hearing aid compared to devices that don’t have a telecoil. But before you start to go “no no that’s not for me”, we are talking a very small percentage. However, if you are seriously considering a small powerful device on a range that Phonak Marvel range, you are probably going to prefer the MR (Rechargeable) or M312 (battery powered) devices which launched late 2018 (details below).

So what are the key differences between the Audeo Marvel 312T and the Audeo Marvel 13T?

When it comes to the two devices there are a few key differences these are:

  • The M312T is smaller than the M13T due to battery size
  • The M13T is more powerful due to a larger battery size lending itself to longer battery life and larger hearing loss types

Image: Common sign used to display the availability of the telecoil loop system in a public place.

The Phonak Marvel Range

Each device comes with Bluetooth calls to both ears.

All you need to decide is if you want rechargeable, telecoil; what technology level and its colour!

A table of Marvel Hearing aids and bulleted features of each device corresponding with red to indicate yes and white to indicate no

Phonak Audèo Marvel Hearing Aid Range

The Phonak Audèo Marvel hearing aid comes in a number of device types aimed at supporting a wide range of hearing aid wearers. Each of the range is available in the full technology levels. The range includes the levels 30, 50, 70 and 90.

Phonak Audèo Marvel Rand Now Available:

  • Phonak Audèo M-312 (Disposable Battery)
  • Phonak Audèo M-R (Rechargeable Option Slightly Thicker By (0.9mm)
  • Phonak Audèo M-13T (Disposable Battery And Telecoil)
  • Phonak Audèo M-312T (Disposable Battery And Telecoil)
  • Phonak Audèo M-RT (Rechargeable Option With Telecoil – Slightly Thicker By (0.9mm) (Release Date Late 2019)

Phonak Audeo Marvel Prices

About the Phonak Audèo M-R

Phonak Audèo M-R Technology Levels:

  • Phonak Audèo M-R 30
    • $1,490.oo Each
    • $2,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-R 50
    • $1,990.oo Each
    • $3,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-R 70
    • $2,490.oo Each
    • $4,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-R 90
    • $2,990.oo Each
    • $5,980.00 Pair

About the Phonak Audèo M-312

Phonak Audèo M-312 Technology Levels:

  • Phonak Audèo M-312 30
    • $1,490.oo Each
    • $2,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-312 50
    • $1,990.oo Each
    • $3,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-312 70
    • $2,490.oo Each
    • $4,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-312 90
    • $2,990.oo Each
    • $5,980.00 Pair

Phonak Audèo M-312T Technology Levels:

  • Phonak Audèo M-312T 30
    • $1,490.oo Each
    • $2,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-312T 50
    • $1,990.oo Each
    • $3,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-312T 70
    • $2,490.oo Each
    • $4,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-312T 90
    • $2,990.oo Each
    • $5,980.00 Pair

Phonak Audèo M-13T Technology Levels:

  • Phonak Audèo M-13T 30
    • $1,490.oo Each
    • $2,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-13T 50
    • $1,990.oo Each
    • $3,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-13T 70
    • $2,490.oo Each
    • $4,980.00 Pair
  • Phonak Audèo M-13T 90
    • $2,990.oo Each
    • $5,980.00 Pair

Hardware Style Features: Audèo Marvel

  • Switch to increase or decrease the volume of calls
  • Ability to adjust the volume of the call also on a smartphone
  • Ability to answer calls or reject calls on left or right hearing aid
  • Switch to swap between programs
  • Disposable battery options take a size 312 battery
  • Refined and re-shaped receiver wire for greater comfort
  • Revised dome shape for better comfort (4 shapes in 3 sizes)
  • Upgraded wax trap
  • Easily worn with thick-framed glasses
  • Indicator lights on Audèo Marvel rechargeable options
  • IP68 Highest dust and water resistance
  • The rechargeable lithium battery has 6-year lifetime span

Phonak Audeo Marvel Performance Levels

When selecting the right hearing aid it’s important to know that each device comes in a number of performance levels. These levels determine the technical features on the hearing aids processing chip that ultimately determines the hearing aids capabilities at improving the hearing of the wearer. Another important fact worth mentioning is that the higher the performance level the higher the price. Those with larger hearing losses are more likely to require a higher technology level. At Ear Deals we always suggest you try any hearing aid free for 60 days or less. By trialing between technology levels you ensure your hearing expectations are met both with the product hearing capabilities and the price you decide to pay.

Prices – Phonak Audeo Marvel

Technology Level

Device Price (Each)

Device Price (PAIR)

Technology Features

AutoSense OS™ 3.0

Calm Situation

Speech in Noise

Comfort in Noise


Speech in Loud Noise 3

Speech in Car

Comfort in Echo

Streamed speech

Streamed music

Additional Programs

Max. additional programs

Comfort in Echo

Speech in Loud Noise

Speech in 360°

Speech in Noise

Calm Situation

Comfort in Noise


Acoustic phone

Custom program




Premium – M90







Advanced – M70






Standard – M50






Essential – M30



Phonak Audeo Marvel Performance Features

These technology features are found on the hearing aids processing chip and many work with the hearing aids physical hardware. It’s important to know that these are “software” or programmed features found on the hearing aids processing chip. These hearing aid features work with the hardware features of the Audeo Marvel such as Bluetooth or rechargeability (Marvel MR model). If you need help deciding on the right hearing device in the Audeo Marvel Range contact the Ear Deals senior clinician on 02 9133 7899.

Technology Level






User Preference Tuning

Real Ear Sound

Finetuning channels








Tinnitus Balance

Auto Acclimatization

Environmental balance

Premium – M90



Advanced – M70



Standard – M50



Essential – M30



Phonak Audeo Marvel Performance Levels

When selecting the right hearing aid it’s important to know that each device comes in a number of performance levels. These levels determine the technical features on the hearing aids processing chip that ultimately determines the hearing aids capabilities at improving the hearing of the wearer. Another important fact worth mentioning is that the higher the performance level the higher the price. Those with larger hearing losses are more likely to require a higher technology level. At Ear Deals we always suggest you try any hearing aid free for 60 days or less. By trialing between technology levels you ensure your hearing expectations are met both with the product hearing capabilities and the price you decide to pay.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aid Prices

Prices for the Phonak Marvel hearing aid range

Feedback About The Phonak Marvel

A few sentences from our happy clients and their partners!

We just had to share

  • “My wife has literally stopped asking me to repeat things. The Marvel is a marriage-saving device, not a hearing aid!”
  • “Ow my god, I can’t believe I can hear that. I didn’t know it had a sound – It’s a funny sound isn’t it?”
  • “I have to tell my friends about the Phonak Marvel. I can’t understand why it took the manufacturers so long to get it right!”
  • “Hi, my name is “xxxxx” by friend xxxx, told me to call you. He said your new hearing machine is excellent”
  • ” I have worn hearing aids for most of my life. The Phonak Marvel is the best yet!”

Annie: Senior Ear Deals Clinician:

“It has been a long time since I have witnessed people so emotional about their new found hearing. This device is a market changer.”

Smartphone Connectivity With Bluetooth: Audèo Marvel

The Phonak Audèo Marvel uses Bluetooth classic which means it will connect to any mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities!

  • Connects to Android via Bluetooth
  • Connects to iPhone Bluetooth
  • Connects to any device with Bluetooth for hands-free calls
  • Voice to text feature that types words as your caller speaks (new feature available 2019)
  • Streams audio into both ears (new feature)
  • Uses the microphone on the hearing aid to pick up users voice to send back to the person on the other end of the phone call. Simply leave your phone in your pocket or on a table and walk away.
  • Answer the call on the hearing aid itself by pressing a button on either hearing aid
  • Streams phone call audio, podcasts, music, audeo book or YouTube video direct to hearing aids without a third party device
  • Connects automatically to your TV with a beep indication via TV Connector accessory to stream TV audio in stereo sound
  • Built-in / integrated Roger Receiver accessory to cut down background noise available in all models
  • Telecoil available in both rechargeable and disposable battery options (2019 launch)
  • Telehealth / remote adjustments and connectivity to your clinician (available in 2019)
  • Works with Apple live listen for an alternative microphone source

Phonak launches new Marvel Hearing aid and all its features are mind blowing!

Rechargeability Options: (Phonak Audèo M-R & Phonak Audèo M-RT)

  • Lithium rechargeable battery for longer hearing capabilities
  • Smaller than previous model rechargeable Phonak hearing aid
  • 24 hours of battery life from a single charge
  • 16 hours of battery life if you stream audio for up to 4 hours a day
  • Mini charging case with lid
  • Can still use the older model charger from the Phonak BR devices
  • Hearing aids turn on automatically when removed from the charger. This is contrary to previous Phonak rechargeable hearing aid models
  • Rechargeable battery last 6 years

Phonak Remote Apps: Audèo Marvel

Direct From Your Smartphone
Phonak Remote App
  • Allows for volume control
  • Change programs
  • Change environmental balance when streaming audio
  • Battery status – The amount of charge available
My Phonak App
  • Patient portal and hearing diary upgrade
  • Telecare – Live time adjustments from the clinician to you at home over the internet
Tinnitus Management App
  • Available across all models with many features. Ask our clinician for more information in clinic

Caller Voice to Text – Read calls and Listen At The Same Time! (Available 2019 in Australia)

Works like a tele-caption phone. When a call is recieved the words of the caller are automatically transcribed to the mobile screen. The wearer can both read and hear the conversation.

Binaural Voice Stream (Both Ears): Audèo Marvel

  • Allows the hearing aids on each ear to work with each other for more advanced processing across a number of features installed on the devices. This improves the  hearing capabilities in many complex and noisy hearing situations
  • Beam honing focus capabilities called Stereo Zoom allows the microphone to focus in on the most important sounds such as voices in a conversation. This feature is particularly important for noisy environments.

Auto Sence 3.0 Update

  • Automatic adjustment capabilities when the environment the wearer is in is automatically adjusted to improve the hearing capabilities of the user. For instance, walking from a quiet office out into a noisy street. This removes the immediate need for intervention by the wearer to adjust their hearing aids.
  • Improved speech and sound clarity – automatically adjusts and analysis the differences between sound types to improve the quality of delivered sound to the wearer automatically adjusting the settings.  For example, music is adjusted differently to background sounds.

Perceived Negatives: Audèo Marvel

  • Not compatible with CROS transmitter for single-sided deafness
  • Difficulty removing devices from the charger case for some people with dexterity issues
  • Streaming for 4 hours reduces battery providing on average 16 hours of general hearing use

Colour Choice: Audèo Marvel

  • Available in nine colour options to match skin and hair colours for more discrete wearing.

Colour Choices

Enquiries & Free Trials

EarDeals is offering free trials at the point when the Phonak Audèo becomes available in Australia. If you would like to trial these hearing aids please enquire at admin@eardeals.com.au and we will notify you of the date of delivery and organise a free comprehensive hearing test and fitting.

Phone: (02) 9133 7899

Email: admin@eardeals.com.au

Watch this space – More to come for Australian hearing aid wearers!

Read more: Click Here


Download Brochure: Phonak Marvel Hearing Aid Brochure 2018

Disclaimer: The details above are a guide only. The formal launch of the new Phonak Marvel in Australia is  November 1st 2018. The information above has been collected from a variety of sources and is subject to change without notice.  The launch of the Phonak Audèo Marvel in Australia will commence at a later date than other countries. Some products within the range may not be available until a later launch date despite the launch of their names and capabilities. For greater clarity or to be readily updated on this exciting advancement in hearing aid technology, please contact EarDeals on (02)9133 7899 or email admin@eardeals.com.au.


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