Signia Styletto Hearing aid awarded a Canstar Award 2018!

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Another big achievement for Signia!
2018 Canstar Blue Award winner for Most Satisfied Customers!


A GAME CHANGER IN THE HEARING AID INDUSTRY | Available October 2nd at EarDeals!

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Signia has launched a new concept for a receiver in the canal hearing aid on their global website posted on August 27, 2018.

The Signia Styletto (pronounced as style-letto) hearing aid is a fresh approach to traditional hearing aid design globally. Boasting the new Natural Experience (NX) technology by Signia and available in three technology ranges from 3Nx, 5Nx and 7Nx, the Styletto is questioning what the future of hearing solutions is for people living with hearing loss.

Based on a completely new hearing aid design and built around a unique inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery, the Signia Styletto was designed from the outside in and arguably is a new class in hearing aid types!

A survey of 500 people conducted by an independent marketing group on behalf of Signia USA, which also utilised focus groups of people living with mild hearing loss types. Indicated that the design of hearing aids and the stigma attached to hearing aids was a key determining factor blocking adoption of modern hearing aid technology. Signia thus designed the Styletto to create a fresh approach and solution to those who are seeking a device that matches their lifestyle and design expectations in a modern era of consumer electronics.

Made perfectly for people with mild to moderate hearing losses, the Signia Styletto is a revolutionary slim and stylish hearing aid that is virtually invisible when worn behind the ears. It is so thin and lightweight that without close inspection of the back of the ear, the Signia Styletto remains out of view from those around you.

We can now expect that the adoption of a new style of rechargeable battery will ultimately pave the way for unique and more desirable hearing aid designs globally. This is a big win for hearing aid wearers!

Signia Styletto Colours

Dark Granite, Silver Cosmic Blue, Rose Gold and Snow White / Rose Gold

Signia Styletto prices and technology levels

Styletto 3Nx – $4,420.00 (Pair) Charging case included – More info to come or call (02)9133 7899

Styletto 5Nx –$6,060.00 (Pair) Charging case included – More info to come or call (02)9133 7899

Styletto 7Nx – $7,480.00 (Pair) Charging case included – More info to come or call (02)9133 7899

Signia Styletto connectivity to smartphones

The Signia Styletto is a wireless hearing aid that can connect to iPhone and Android phones through the Touch Control App for convenient and discreet management of your hearing loss. Open communication remotely between you and your clinician is also possible through the TeleCare hearing system developed by Signia. That’s right, you can stay at home for all your hearing aid adjustments.

Tinnitus and the Signia Styletto

With Notch Therapy, tinnitus sufferers need not worry about the annoying tinnitus sound; it will be treated inaudibly and unobtrusively using the Signia technology processed through the NX hardware chip for a truly peaceful experience.

Signia truly lived up to its promise of changing how people see hearing aids with the introduction of the Signia Styletto! At EarDeals we are excited to offer any interested wearers the opportunity to trial the Signia Styletto free for 60 days! Fitted by our qualified clinician in our purpose built hearing soundproof clinic in Sydney!

Call or email us today to find out more!

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Signia Styletto Charging

The Signia Styletto hearing aid is the pioneer device that uses a pin cell battery type, unique to the Signia brand. The hearing aid and all its features can work for up to 19 hours of daily use on a single charge.

Plus! The compact and ultra-small charging case of the Signia Styletto can give wearers up to three days of recharging without the need of a plugin adapter; perfect for a weekend away. The charging case is so small that it can comfortably fit in your pocket while charging your Signia Styletto. Just thirty minutes charge time provides an additional 5 hours of hearing use! The charging case will fully charge your Signia Styletto hearing aids in three hours!

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[vc_text_separator title=”Signia Signia Styletto – Quick Overview:” color=”custom” accent_color=”#dd0d0d”]
Make Signia Siemens
Device  Styletto
Technology Name Natural Experience (Nx)
Tech Levels 3NX, 5NX, 7NX
Size 100% unique shape!
Best Feature Highly discreet
Tinnitus Therapy To be advised (Oct 2nd)
Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
Rechargeable Yes
Water/ Dust Proof IPA 68 (Highest resistance)
Battery Size Unique rechargeable size
High Power No
Channels 24 Likely – To be advised
Programs 6 – Likley – To be advised
Smartphone App Yes, touchControl App
Telecoil No
Remote telecare support Yes 100% device adjustments remotely from your clinician
Colour Range


Dark Granite, Silver; Cosmic Blue, Rose Gold and Snow White Rose Gold.
Hearing Loss Severity Mild to Moderate
Multiple Fitting Options Yes – 4 Dome Sizes
Smartphone App Multiple volume, channel and program adjustments through Touch Control App
Product Style RIC – Receiver in the canal
When can I be fitted? Same day fittings!
Dexterity Very Easy
Charging Case Yes – 30 min case charge = 5 hours use!

3-Days of wearing in one charging case battery pack

Battery Life Full day from a 3-hour charge
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[vc_text_separator title=”Trial the Signia Styletto free for 60-days – Register now!” color=”custom” accent_color=”#dd0b0b”]

If you would like to register your interest or trial the Signia Styletto Nx free for 60-days when it arrives in the clinic, please book a free comprehensive hearing test via phone or through the EarDeals website.

Book Free comprehensive hearing test online to trial the Signia Styletto:

go to the EarDeals website and go to the top right corner of the website to book a free hearing test appointment online by choosing: Option #2.

Book Free comprehensive hearing test via the phone call to trial the Signia Styletto :

(02) 9133 7899 or 1300 010 064 

Source: Signia Website USA

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Signia Styletto: Charging case

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Signia Styletto: Size of hearing aid

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Signia Styletto: IP68 – Water & dust resistance

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MyControl smartphone app

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Remote Telecare adjustments

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Hearing aid parts

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Hearing aid unique battery


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