Buying a hearing aid for someone else?

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EarDeals has provided a comprehensive guide to what you need to know about buying hearing aids for a loved one or family member.

Being in your position you may feel a little overwhelmed with the decisions you need to make on behalf of someone else. But don’t worry not everything needs to be complicated when it comes to buying hearing aids. The below list is a short overview of the details you need to consider when choosing a hearing aid for someone else. By following this guide you are sure to make the most informed and educated decision resulting in the best clinical and lifestyle outcome for your loved one when it comes to hearing aids. This guide applies to all the major hearing aid brands such as Phonak, Unitron, Signia, Hansaton and much more!

Get to know the Australian hearing aid industry and make a decision you know is the best for your loved one or friend!

Glossary: Hearing aid buying guide

The below points are explained in greater detail:

  1. Hearing aid choices: Many hearing aid brands and features
  2. Hearing aid prices: 10% Price beat guarantee and free hearing aid trials
  3. Purchasing batteries for hearing aids
  4. Financial assistance for hearing aid purchases
  5. Location of the EarDeals clinic
  6. Hearing aid telecare & full remote adjustments
  7. Hearing aid appointment availability
  8. We are who we say we are!
  9. Free hearing test and hearing aid fittings
  10. Purpose-built soundproof hearing clinics and high-end facilities
  11. We don’t pay commisions or incentives for hearing aid sales
  12. Hearing aid service and help
  13. The EarDeals ethical stance on hearing aid support

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Buying hearing aids for a loved one

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