Client Testimonial: Phonak Belong

Client Testimonial: Ear Deals March 2018

Thank you for helping my mum

When my mother returned after 10 years in the UK there were some huge changes. At 83 years of age, she had a significant hearing loss and macular degeneration. Her national health hearing aid seemed to create more issues than it solved as it seemed incompatible with any television or radio listening. On top of this isolation, she was grieving and away from her friends. She became quite depressed and frustrated every second conversation was about the isolation that her deafness was causing.

I also noticed that her attitudes were becoming quite extreme and realised that she was living in a vacuum where she could only voice opinions and was unable to receive any feedback. Since receiving more suitable hearing aids from Annie I have noticed a huge change in her ability to socialise, enjoy programmes on television and even attending outdoor opera. She has had the opportunity to make new friends and join new groups. It wasn’t a quick fix and my mother is not an easily pleased customer – she was going back for several adjustments until she was perfectly happy. She was always treated with consideration and respect and wasn’t made to feel like an imposition. Now that I see the changes in my mother’s attitudes I would highly recommend that all politicians go in for a hearing aid assessment immediately!

Thank you,
Elizabeth Sherborne
Sydney – New South Wales Australia


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