Moxi All & Moxi All-R world first release – Order now!

Update: March 14 2018

NEW! : Unitron Moxi All-R: Rechargeable & Bluetooth Hearing Aid

The Moxi All-R world first rechargeable and Bluetooth hearing aid is now available for order.
Connect wirelessly with hands-free click to accept call answering hearing aids now! 

For the latest News on the new Moxie All-R Visit the following links for each technology level! If you have any questions please call Annie on (02) 9133 7899 or 1300 010 064

Links to pages:

Moxi All-R 500
Moxi All-R 600
Moxi All-R 700
Moxi All-R 800
Moxi All-R PRO

Visit for alternative products and prices.

Unitron is set to launch a world first hearing aid technology!

Launch: Monday 12 March 2018 (Sydney)

With more news breaking about the Moxi All and Moxi All-R, clinicians globally are a buzz. It appears that that the Moxi All-R will be a market leading hearing aid that boasts rechargeable capabilities while supporting Bluetooth connectivity to the worlds largest variety of smartphones. We are effectively entering a technology age of hands-free headsets with the technological advancements of digital hearing aids – to say we are excited would be an understatement. Additionally, click-button call answering provides natural ergonomics to the human body while on the move, opening the door for a connected business world and stamping out the stigma of hearing loss in offices globally.

Arguably the Moxi All-R device (if the rumours are correct) will further bind the human body to hearing aid technology; not so much as their technological sister the cochlear implant, however close enough to effectively make the lives of millions of people around the world more seamless and less cumbersome. This principle alone has been the mantra for the success of many great technological giants that dominate the consumer technology space of today’s modern world.

The rumours are also boasting sixteen hours of use with a full charge, while also supporting two hours of phone calls and up to 5 hours of TV streaming.

It doesn’t stop there! Rumours have it that Unitron will be offering the Moxi ALL-R in a full technology range from 500, 600, 700, 800 and Pro, basically removing the barriers to entry for this type of technology for those with a price-conscious wallet.

A quick overview of what we know already…

  • Rechargeable hearing aid
  • Click-button call answering
  • Hands-Free Calling
  • All technology levels
  • Pick the ear the phone will be answered in
  • Multi Tech-upgrades without changing device


  • 7 Hours To Full Charge
  • 16 Hours of Use
  • 2 Hours of Phone Calls
  • 5 Hours of TV Streaming

Please note: The information above has been gathered from various sources. The above information is purely speculative.
We will know it all on Monday 12 March 2018 in (Sydney). Cheers Ed

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