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EarDeals was founded on the primary principle of helping everyday Aussies afford quality hearing health care at Australia’s leading prices. From our services to our devices, you will find competitive rates that are checked daily. We are Australian through and through; 100% independent of hearing aid manufactures. Our clinical staff are equally as passionate about our cause. Many joining our business from backgrounds in diagnostic audiology, occupational health and allied health. EarDeals does not pay commissions on the sale of hearing aids to our employees and they do not receive incentives to make a sale. This fact alone has found many people taking advantage of our free hearing checks to gain a second opinion on their reported hearing loss.

Did you know that 1 in 3 hearing clinics in the Australian hearing aid industry is owned by an overseas hearing aid manufacture1? Additionally, did you know that one of Australia’s largest chains of hearing aid retailers is owned by the largest hearing aid distributor in the

Due to our independence and not being owned by a hearing aid manufacture, EarDeals has the ability to stock a variety of brands and product types.

We hope this information alongside our lowest price guarantee, provides you with the comfort required to carefully choose your journey to better hearing.

For a comprehensive overview of the hearing aid industry produced by the ABC in late 2017. Watch the following video; it will certainly open your eyes!

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tVO-nvrIt4″]

1-2: (Source: Have I got a hearing aid for you, RN Background Briefing, 30 Nov 2014, abc.net.au)


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