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Looking for high-quality, affordable hearing aids? The independent EarDeals team of hearing aid brokers can help you find the best hearing aid for your needs and preferences, no matter where in Australia you live. Let us support you on your journey to better hearing.

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Australia’s Most Affordable Hearing Aid Prices

Supporting Aussies with affordable hearing aid prices and high-quality Audiology since 2015.

Browse big brand hearing aids featuring the latest in hearing aid technology available in Australia. EarDeals hearing aid brokers are independent of manufacturers to provide you with a product that best serves your unique needs. Our clinics are accredited and part of a national network across Australia. We won’t be beaten on price or service quality. Start your free hearing aid trial in a clinic near you today!

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Traditional Hearing Services For A Better Price

Our hearing aid brokers are specialist hearing aid consultants. Their mission is to support you on your journey to better hearing and assist you in finding the best hearing aid price for your lifestyle and hearing loss.

Call a broker today to discuss your options 1300 010 064


Contact our brokers to discuss your hearing aid options and ask any questions about the hearing aids that interest you.


Book your free comprehensive hearing test and hearing aid discussion.


Visit one of our many hearing clinics around Australia for your comprehensive hearing test, hearing aid fittings, adjustments.


Contact your new clinic directly for any future appointment or hearing aid assistance.

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High Standard of Hearing Health Care at an Affordable Price

Our EarDeals brokers will support you with personalised hearing aid quotes and hearing test bookings around Australia. From there, our network of university-qualified Audiologists will guide you on the rest of your hearing journey. This includes your hearing test, hearing aid fitting and final hearing aid adjustments. Our local Audiology clinics are available to you if and when you need them in the future.

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Free Hearing Aid Survey

5 Minute Hearing Aid Finder

We’ve designed the best hearing aid survey you will find online. Drawing on over 100 years of combined industry experience between our Audiologists, research designers and software developers, it will suggest a hearing aid that perfectly matches your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss. The results are free to access. You can change your preferences to show a wider selection of devices and won’t be asked to supply personal information before seeing your results.

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Here’s how the Hearing Aid Brokering Process Works

Our industry-leading hearing aid brokers have years of experience in the hearing industry but most importantly understand the different brands of hearing aids and their features. This knowledge is key to supporting those with the start of their hearing journey. Our hearing aid brokers are consistently training, researching and wearing the latest devices so you know first hand the advice you are provided is not only independent of hearing aid manufacturers but also comes from first-hand experience.

Some of our hearing aid brokers live with hearing loss are being fitted with the latest hearing aids as they enter the Australian market. Our brokers are not on commissions they are simply employed to help people. Call 1300 010 064 to speak to our free to use hearing aid brokers today!

Because EarDeals is independent, meaning we are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer, our options in hearing aids are vast and qualified. Our independence provides us with the ability to stock any hearing aid brand and option available on the market. These options provide you with a large range of choice and options from the best hearing aids available.

EarDeals offers a complimentary (FREE) hearing aid fitting process from your first comprehensive hearing test, hearing aid fitting appointment and free hearing aid adjustment appointments. Should you require further assistance with your hearing aids in the future you simply pay for the time you need with our Audiologist when you need it. Our business model drastically reduces the price of the hearing aid as we do not need to inflate our prices to provide you a lifetime of free servicing like traditional hearing aid retailers.

EarDeals supports eligible Pensioners and DVA cardholders wishing to access the free and subsidised hearing services through the Auslian Governments Hearing Services Program. If you are a Pensioner or DVA cardholder wishing to know if you are eligible for the program please call 1300 010 064.

EarDeals offers a 10% price beat guarantee on comparable competitor quotes for hearing aids. Terms and Conditions apply. If you don’t have a competitor quote please make contact with our hearing aid brokers by calling 1300 010 064 and have a chat about our hearing aids. Our brokers will be able to find you a suitable option for your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss.

EarDeals offers a 100% money-back guarantee on any non-custom made hearing aids within 60 days from the date of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

EarDeals offers free hearing aid trials for those seeking to understand the performance of their chosen hearing aids. Hearing aid trials are offered to private clients only. Terms and conditions apply.

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Same Traditional Face-To-Face Hearing Tests, Fitting & Adjustments.

Our hearing aid guide is independent of hearing aid manufacturers just like us! Enjoy an easy read about the latest and most popular hearing aids in Australia! Packed with information about each hearing aids features, software levels, prices and more! If you view the document on your computer you will be able to click on links for each hearing aid and be directed to further information, brochures and our hearing aid review videos! You can also print our guide for some bedtime reading! If you need help feel free to call our hearing aid brokers on 1300 010 064!

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Best Practices

High-quality Face-To-Face Hearing Tests, Fitting & Adjustments.

EarDeals offers our clients security in the unregulated hearing industry of Australia through our nationally recognised accreditation for medically affiliated hearing services. Our clinic protocols which govern best practice hearing test processes and hearing aid fittings are scrutinised and trained regularly to ensure the best clinical outcomes for our hearing aid clients remains at the forefront of our daily practices.

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Australia’s Number One Hearing Aid Provider

EarDeals’ unique position in the market supports lower hearing aid costs, whilst allowing us to govern a high level of clinical and professional service and care

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Why Brokering your hearing aid will find you more than the best hearing aid price!

Our hearing aid brokers are trained to help you navigate a confusing, unregulated and sharky hearing aid industry. We help you decide on the right hearing device and trial the service with a 60-day money back guarentee on all hearing aid purchases. This provides you with the best understanding of the hearing aid fitting process; the quality of the hearing aids we offer and discover the rewarding outcome of better hearing.

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EarDeals TV

The Top Hearing Aids For 2021!

What are the most sold and tested hearing aids in Australia? Which devices have the highest consumer satisfaction rankings? Watch the latest videos and learn more about the latest in affordable hearing aid technology.


What Our
Clients Say!

As hearing aid brokers, audiologists and receptionists, we appreciate your kind words!

I've dealt with Annie at Ear Deals a couple of times now, she's been really helpful and seemed genuinely interested in making sure my mum was doing OK with her hearing aids without trying to sell her unnecessary extra stuff. Also, their pricing is really competitive.
Harold Bryant
Harold Bryant
08:21 23 Sep 18
Annie at EarDeals Sydney has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She has helped my Mom to find the perfect Hearing Aids and adjusted them regularly until they were perfect for her. A genuinely kind, thoughtful and caring service with your best interest in mind, made my Mom feel at ease not like the other two companies we visited beforehand. Highly recommend for anyone that wants a trust worthy opinion and service. Big thank you to Annie!
Simone McHugh
Simone McHugh
04:45 09 Aug 18
I went to EarDeals through a recommendation of a friend. I was very careful at the start of the appointment, having visited many other retailers in Sydney who were pushy and some even rude. The other companies just wanted to push a hearing aid sale on me. One didn't even provide a clear quote or my results. EarDeals is very different, you can tell from the start they are about people not profits. I was very impressed by their service and genuine nature. Their clinician is knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive. I was left with the option of having a hearing aid discussion which I accepted. At the end of the appointment, I was encouraged to take the quote which was $1500.00 cheaper with my results to think about what was right for me. I called and returned a few days later. Im now happily trialling great hearing aids for free. Thanks
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez
23:58 28 Jun 18
I found Jenelle to be a very competent and friendly audiologist who was extremely helpful even though I did not eventually buy any hearing aids from her as she was able to fit new receivers to my daughter's old hearing aids to suit my hearing loss (for $300) thereby saving me paying close to $5,000 on a new pair of hearing aids she had originally quoted and which another (large) company had quoted $5,450.00. This large company held a contract with the Australian Government and had supplied hearing aids to my daughter since she was 3 years old until she recently turned 26 years getting paid by the government. Thank you Jenelle - I will recommend you to my family and friends.
George loupos
George loupos
11:18 26 Jun 18
EarDeals is amazing. They went to such great lengths to locate a replacement for my lost hearing aid at a cost that was well within my budget. Nothing was too much trouble for my audiologist, Annie, test, fit and adjust the new device There were also subsequent follow up calls to ensure everything was working optimally. Huge thank you to EarDeals.
Tim Brandis
Tim Brandis
10:08 13 May 18
I dropped by Eardeals unannounced and with no booking. Annie was able to see me straight away. There was no sales pressure like all the other hearing aid places I had been to (trying to push you to a particular brand of hearing aid). Just genuine care to solve my hearing problem.The after sales support has been amazing! Annie just wanted to make sure my new hearing aid was right for me and i was going well with it. As well she made sure I recieved any additional items I needed and were sent to me asap. I wouldn't hessitate to recommend them to anyone!
Steve Bleakley
Steve Bleakley
02:27 26 Oct 17
Ear Deals have been very easy for me to deal with. I found the clinician to be warm and helpful. The Ear Deals clinician tested my hearing and recommended some hearing aids which have made a big difference in situations where I was having difficulty hearing. I can now hear my children when they speak to me!
Phil Herscovics
Phil Herscovics
02:47 24 Oct 17

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